Iran arrests 14 journalists co-operating with foreign media organizations

by JulianLa on February 3, 2013 - 9:50pm

According to an article by Ali Akbar Dareini posted on the Montreal Gazette on January 28th 2013, 14 journalists were arrested in Iran due to alleged co-operation with foreign-based media organizations. Not only this article but also a few more exist where other reporters/journalists got arrested for co-operating with other media organizations. Iran has very strict measures concerning Persian-language media to the measure of having banned it from its population. However, many Iranians still tune in to these media sources which is probably a major reason why the government is trying to remove anything related to it from the country.

This is definetely going to far. Even considering the rough times Iran is going through, It should still allow for some trust within its own country. The current trust within Iran is considerably low, it should do something about the bans on the media sources and allow for its population to get access to most of it. I think that Iran is concentrating too much on controlling the popoulation than actually trying to please it, which can actually lead to very dangerous results if not dealt with correctly.