Homosexuality Test in Russian Army.

by Amina_C on February 3, 2013 - 4:12pm

An article published by The Daily Mail from journalist’s Daniel Miller on January 24, 2013 speaks about the Russian Army investigating soldiers’ tattoo that could issue any hints of homosexuality according to the Kremlin guidelines. There have been numerous controversies in the Russian Army about forced male prostitution and soldiers attempting to enrolled for their own sexual attention which results in those strict investigation. The investigation is then followed by questions about family life, school, and social life that could show any mental disability about their sexual life. Although this is originally done to prevent past controversies, it is against the right of freedom of sexuality, notably by banning gay rights protest. The discussion of homosexuality is view as traditional in Russia, but it is important to consider how far this can lead to homophobia. In fact, the Russian government has recently banned a bill against homophobia this past month. This article led us to think about the importance of human rights around the world concerning homosexuality: even though a few countries have already done much for the LGBT community such as the legalization of marriage, a large majority is yet to wake up from traditional belief and discrimination about the LGBT community.