Revenge porn site

by Haleymartin on February 3, 2013 - 3:55pm

According to Wall Street Journal , an article was posted on January 22nd 2013 written by Nathan Koppel.The article stated that 16 women are suing a porn site for having explicit images of them and having their personal information posted on the site. The porn site is called it is a revenge porn and allows anyone to post anonymous pictures of their ex girlfriends and their contact information.  None of the girls wanted their pictures to be posted online. They never gave the site permission. But before they knew it they became porn stars. When the women contacted the porn site to ask the owners to remove the pictures the owners said they would only remove the pictures if the women paid a fee. The lead lawyer in this investigation John Morgan of Beaumont, Texas explains that there will be a law suit against the owner and the operators of the website once their identities are found. John Morgan explains that they are suing the owners under these measures: invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress. Erica Johnston a San Francisco lawyer who has worked with many cases of victims involving revenge porn sites says that the” the emotional toll on women can be devastating, and includes depression and anxiety”

 This news story is shocking to me. Men treat women these days like they are objects and they assume that they can broadcast or post any explicit pictures of girls as they please without getting consent. Some of the victims of this article found out they were on that particular website through strangers at the supermarket or their friends and family. These days’ porn sites are accessible to anyone who has a computer. It is not fair that these women must live in depression and anxiety. I hope they find the identities of the owners of that website and help the victims get back on their feet.