Lady Gaga Takes a Shooting at Vancouver Show

by anthony guerriero on February 2, 2013 - 5:18pm

According to an article posted on January 16, 2013 by Juanita NG from the Vancouver Sun, Lady Gaga strikes controversy yet again with a somewhat inappropriate outfit she wore to her Vancouver shows at the Born This Way Ball.

Only about a short while after the Sandy Hook gun massacre, many spectators took offence to Gaga’s fashion statement choosing to wear 2 machine guns strapped on her bra. Gun control is a very sensitive subject in North America being that 20 children and 6 adults died after the Connecticut elementary school shooting. The pop-star wore the garment while dancing on a sofa made of “meat” singing her hit song Alejandro.

“What is the point of this gun porn? It’s no different than a guy who poses with an assault rifle to look tough or send out a political message,” says Ladd Everitt from the U.S group Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Lady Gaga wore the gun bra throughout the Asian, European and South American leg of the tour and has now removed the gun bra from all the remaining North American shows. It is also important to note that she removed all gun related murder acts from her show during Government Hooker and Americano before the Vancouver incident. She first introduced the concept back in 2010 posing for the cover of Rolling Stones.

I don’t feel offended by what Gaga did by choosing to wear guns strapped onto her bra. I know that gun control is a touchy subject around this time period but today’s generation needs to see past first-degree messages. The second-degree message that I got from the gun bra is that women need to embrace their sexuality and use it as a weapon to stand and fight for feminism. The clear issue here is distinguishing the difference between political art statements and judging a book by its cover. The education system in Canada and the United States should put more focus on the message of art instead of making us draw stick men or build papier-mâché masks.