Reconsidering Community Engagement with Web 2.0- Proceedings of INTCESS14- International Conference on Education and Social Science Proceedings

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Reconsidering Community Engagement with Web 2.0
Gabriel Flacks1 a and Lynn Reid2 b
1900 Riverside Drive, Saint-Lambert Quebec J4P 3P2 Canada, Office G-158
2285 Madison Avenue, Madison, NJ 07940
Keywords: Web 2.0, Social Networks, Service-Learning, Collaboration,
Abstract. This paper describes the history and development of the open global network of student writers, This paper outlines the reasons the site was developed, by Champlain College Humanities Department Coordinator, Gabriel Flacks, and the goals it was intended to achieve for his pedagogical mission. Further, it considers how use of the site can achieve some of the goals of "service-learning" pedagogy with minimal barriers, goals pursued by co-author and site-user Lynn Reid.
Since the site's launch in Fall of 2012, it has become clear that its utility reaches beyond Flacks' vision for providing students a unique academic writing environment with access to multiple perspectives on contemporary issues and Reid's hopes for providing students access to an accessible curriculum geared towards civic engagement. Today, many teachers are using the site to meet other goals and foster cross-campus collaborations, in courses including, but not limited to, sociology, geography, business development, psychology and French and English as a second-language.