Sun Youth Montreal

by SO on March 3, 2014 - 9:17am

Sun Youth is an organization located here in Montreal which specializes in helping out the youth and families in need in the area in Montreal, ranging from Christmas baskets to sports teams for the kids. 


The organization’s core goals, according to their website, are to provide a quality service adapted to the specific needs of customers (i.e. children victim of abuse); strive to serve the citizens of all ages, ethnic origins or religious beliefs without discrimination; provide diversified services to youth, seniors, low income families, as well as people who have special needs; and develop programs that meet the changing needs of society. (


Some of their biggest projects for 2014 include annual distributions to those in need. For example, they distribute bicycles to children between the ages of 2 and 17 as well as school supplies, new clothing to youth. Another important project they do is distribute Christmas and Hanukkah baskets to families in need. Relating to my personal interest in child abuse, they offer a children’s help program to offer psychological and social support to the children and their families. 


Many volunteer opportunities are available to those who wish to involve themselves in the organization. The volunteers who are just starting out often engage in activites such as sorting food donations and preparing food baskets to distribute to inviduals in need. Some volunteer opportunities require background checks, like the opportunity to be part of the traning staff of their sports teams. Volunteers can work at Sun Youth headquarters and/or at it’s warehouse. And obviously, like most organizations, they accept donations with great pleasure. Just drop by to bring food, clothing items and more. 


The contact person for volunteering is Dana Foster, which was present at our college’s social awareness day last february 19th. She is the coordinator of volunteers and can be joined by email at


If your interested in volunteering here, you can always get more info on their website:

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