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by gregpdesrosiers on March 2, 2014 - 10:12pm

Nature Canada is a government-based organization, in association with Environment Canada, based in Ottawa, with their sole purpose in environment protection across Canada.


They engage people and advocate, based on nature, for protection and conservation of wildlife and their habitats in the natural lands of Canada. Their prime core lies upon bird conservation, wilderness protection, endangered species, and have people connect to nature more properly.


Today, their campaigns include the implementation of wind power in appropriate areas, completing the National Park system, and saving the arctic polar bears. You can actually contribute to the campaigns online. I sent the organization an e-mail for volunteer opportunities and who is best to contact about them, but I did not get an answer back from them.


The organization started in 1939 as a magazine in memory of Mabel Frances Whittemore, an educator and nature lover who wanted to share her passion for nature to others. Overtime, the organization grew, with their mandate expanded in 1971 and had the name changed to the Canadian Nature Federation. Their coalition on acid rain was found in 1982, and their committee towards recovery of endangered wildlife was started in 1989. From the early 90's on, the organization has gained provincial and federal government attention, where a new strategic plan was put in place by 2004.


Their past projects include the establishment of Labrador's Torngat Mountains National Park Reserve in 2005, the advocacy of an amendment to the Parks Canada Agency Act in 1999 for the management of park visitor use and tourism of national parks for ecological integrity, and successfully declaring over one million hectares of western Lake Superior as Canada's first National Marine Conservation Area in 2009.


Make a donation, share a voice, contribute to Nature Canada, because you will make a change to just one of the many habitats being threatened where it will soon be protected!

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