Nature Action Québec

by gregpdesrosiers on March 2, 2014 - 10:11pm

Nature Action Quebec is a social enterprise located in Beloeil, a suburban off the Island of Montreal


They guide people and organizations in implementing some environmental practices to protect the environment in various ways, across the entire province. Today, their major project is conserving the natural habitats of several areas around Montreal’s south shore, including Brossard, a municipality of the Montérégie region outside Longueuil. In addition, they are involved in waste management, environmental policy, climate change control, and residential energy efficiency.


They have volunteer opportunities, including patrol monitoring, creating plantations, reforestation, closing trails, and watering fields. Telephone and contact for the person regarding volunteer work is provided. You can also exchange e-mails through You need to speak French in order to volunteer over there.


The organization started in 1986 when several citizens in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, a local Montérégie town, were very concerned about the health effects of using residential pesticides and started seeking alternatives. Some of their past projects included the initiatives to home composting and grasscycling, managing recreational and commercial parks, as well as providing service to ecological landscaping.


Come volunteer at the enterprise!

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