Montreal’s Children’s Hospital

by SO on March 3, 2014 - 9:19am

The Montreal Children’s Hospital is an organization which specializes in health care for infants, children, and adolescents.  They always aimed to be world-renowned pediatric hospital, which  is a status they have acheieved and they always put the children’s needs first.


The organization’s core values are, according to their website, caring, family, cultural sensitivity, collaboration, support, innovation, passion, and child advocacy. Their main goals are to provide great care for infants, children, adolescents both physically and emotionally and promote the wellness of infants, children, adolescents in all areas that touch children’s lives. They make it a priority to keep their goals and values present throughout all their activities. 


As they are a hospital, their major projects are the usual day-to-day actions they perform to save and improve children’s lives. However, they do have a couple important projects for 2014, such as their newsletter which they hope will keep the patients and their families in touch with what the hospital is up too. The newsletter is a key component in keeping in touch with their patients and the population of Quebec. 


Many volunteer opportunities are available to those who wish to involve themselves in this organization. Some volunteer opportunities include "playing with children and siblings at the child’s bedside or in play areas [and] providing support for their families". They even have special summer oppurtunities for volunteers where you can assist Child Life specialists, organize activites, and play with inpatients. Altogether, the volunteer opportunities that the Montreal Children’s Hospital offers are mostly related to working directly with the children, however other positions are offered, such as helping out in the gift shop. These opportunities are great for students over 17 years old looking to help out and put a smile on a child’s face. 


The contact person for volunteering is Rose Giunti and can be reached at this email address: rose.giunti@muhc.mcgillca or contact the volunteer services by telephone at 514-412-4400 local 22044. 


Visit their website for more information if this volunteer opportunity interests you! 


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