Make a Difference at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute

by Kindsey on February 27, 2014 - 6:11pm

The Douglas Mental Health University Institute has as a goal to improve the patients’ life at the Institute and to help them get better. Their main focus is on promoting the rehabilitation of the patients into society. There is three possibilities when it comes to volunteering here varying between a 4 to 6 month periods. The first choice is the hospital-based service. Here you can either work with children and adolescents or adults and seniors. For the children and teens, you can either lead group activities or work with educators which both promote their social skills and school performance. Next, there is the Moving Ahead Program (MAP) where you visit a client whom is already integrated into society. Your goal is to boost his or her self-esteem and autonomy. Thus, you can go on outings to help them learn new skills and encourage them to socialize. Lastly, you can work with 5-9 clients as an activity monitor in an activity or sport you are specialized in. Thus, they do not have particular projects, though I’m waiting a response from Mrs. De Foy to confirm this, but year-round activities to help the Institute’s patients into society.

                To become a volunteer, it’s pretty simple, just fill out a form here and wait for an answer!

For more information, you can contact Nicole De Foy here.

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