Maison Tremplin of Longueil

by JL on March 1, 2014 - 3:34pm

   Since 1988, Maison Tremplin of Longueil is aiming to improve the quality of life for families in need of help. Furthermore, they are trying to promote social integration and sustainable development of the community. They believe being a parent is a huge challenge and is a hard task. It is one of their main reason to offer such help to lighten the burden the parents have to face. In their service, they include a wide range of activities to integrate, support and strengthening people. Their major projects are fundraising in order to gather money and educate children who doesn’t have the money to pay for education. 

    Maison Tremplin of Longueil is currently offering volunteering opportunities such as helping young students with homework and tutoring for teenagers aged from 16-18. In order to sign up or participate, you can contact Ms. Audrée Lafontaine at 450-442-4019 or just e-mail her at services@maisontremplin.comOr, you could go see them directly at 267, Toulouse, Longeuile, QC, J4L 4X1.  

    For more information about this association, feel free to visit:  



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