L'ARCHE: A Different Way of Life

by Kindsey on March 2, 2014 - 10:32am

L’ARCHE, I will be focusing on the one from the Montreal area, cares for people affected by mental deficiencies. They try to show both the public and their members that what makes you vulnerable and fragile can also make you stronger. The “flaws” that make some people hard to accept us, can also help you shine. L’ARCHE does not hold any particular projects else than a yearly fundraiser, the “Soirée Vins et Fromages, to enable multiple activities and outings for their residents since they are a non-profit organisation and constantly need funds to keep the homes running. There are also three activities that go year-round; “Oser la rencontre” which brings kids from high schools to the resident to sensitize them the mental deficiencies through activities like singing, theatre and testimonies, “Club des aînés” where meetings between elders with mental deficiencies meet elders from the neighborhood and lastly, “Le Souper partage” where anyone from the community can come for a meal with plenty of festivities while meeting the members of l’ARCHE.

 For those who have plenty of time to give, assistants are needed to live in with their mentally ill members. They are to care for the people by assuming multiple tasks as simple as cooking and personal hygiene. Otherwise, help is always needed in the residences so that the live-in personal can have a day off. Moreover, every week there are particular activities like arts and craft, cooking and outings where volunteers are needed. You can also simply spend time with one of the residents for an activity in your own home or elsewhere. Furthermore, bringing some homemade meals to the residence or driving them around is also highly appreciated. Lastly, you can help out by showing up every week on the same day to make friends and spend time with residents.

                                To volunteer for l’ARCHE, fill out the form here and send it to: assistants@larche-montreal.org

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