La Dauphinelle (Montreal)

by SO on March 3, 2014 - 9:24am

La Dauphinelle is an organization located in Montreal which offers shelter and other resources to women and children in difficulty (often victims of violence). The organization is a great volunteer opportunity in you wish to work with families. 


The main goals of the organization are to offer victims of conjugal violence and other difficulties  a safe place where they can obtain psychological support in order to help them find the will to tak control over their lives once again. They hope to give back to the women and children the autonomy they lost during the difficult times they went through. A couple of their values are autonomy, safety, confidentiality, and support, to name a few. 


The major projects the organization are working this year are numerous. As of every year, they organize a golf tournament to raise money for their organization. Last year, the tournament raised $41,000 for their cause. Hopefully this year will go as great! They also have a show every year  to raise money as well, which is certainly in their plans this year as well. Other projects haven’t been revealed yet, since the year has just yet begun. But in previous years, the projects were numerous and earned great amounts of donations, which suggests that the events will be repeated in 2014. 


If you are interested in volunteering with the victims that the organization welcomes, there are different roles you can fulfill. As in any non-profit organization, volunteers are very important. In this organization, you can answer the telephone during conferences, help the children with homework, offer an activity of your choice according to your talents, sort donations, or even knit slippers. As you can see, this is an accessbile volunteer opportunity since they offer you the possibility of choosing an activity you wish to present to the women and children. 


There is no designated person for volunteering information, however, this email in the contact information for other questions. You can reach an informed individual at to help you answer all you questions about volunteering with them. 



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