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by TarikA on March 4, 2014 - 12:13am

Core Values & Goals: Kids Help Phone is an organization whose main goal is “to improve the well being of children and youth in Canada by providing them anonymous and confidential professional counseling, referrals and information in English and French.” The organization sees importance in creating a safe, non-judgmental environment in which children and teens are able to vent their emotions and thoughts openly and freely.


Major Projects: One of the largest events that the organization is backing this year is the “Walk So Kids Can Talk” marathon taking place on Sunday May 4. This 5KM walk will raise funds for the organization in order to continue operating and improve the lives of children and teens across Canada who are struck with stress, grief or worse. Another even is the annual BMO Boolathon, which will take place on the weekend before Halloween in bowling alleys in “almost 50 communities across Canada.” This will also help raise funds to support the operation of Kids Help Phone.


Volunteer Opportunities: There are many different volunteer opportunities at Kids Help Phone. You can simply help the organization by spreading awareness of their cause in your local school by printing out posters and leaflets. Or, you could help hold a fundraiser for Kids Help Phone and also participate in the organization’s scheduled events. All of this can be done in the interest of insuring that funds are collected by the organization in order to supply the demand for professional counselors to be available on Kids Help Phone’s hotlines.

Contact Information:

1) Home Office (in Toronto):

2) Quebec Office


Tel: (514) 273-7007

History of the Organization: Kids Help Phone was the product of a group of community citizens and was officially operational on May 16, 1989. 


I think it's nice that organizations like this take care of kids who's having a hart time. For some kids the everyday life is just not that easy because of different things. So I think it's a very good idea to take care of the kids like this and help them to move on in the future.

I have to say I agree with both of you. Many children have tough upbringings and once they are finally on their own, they don't know what to do, how to act, or more importantly, who to ask for for help. Where I go to school in NY, USA, there is a very wealthy population surrounding half of the school and on the other half there are families struggling to fees their families. I can imagine parents aren't thinking much about their kids future especially if they can't make it past the next week. Very good organization!

I think this is such a great idea...I think families go through so much these days that kids feel left out and feel no one is recognizing them. I think a help line for kids would help so much ...where they can feel safe to release their emotions....they should see if government or grants or investors could possibly create an Kid Help Line App where they are able to automatically respond to. They could possibly have suggestion automatically pop up possibility give them positive insight.

This organization is for a great cause. At this day and age where there is cyber bullying and so many social networks/media that influence the lives of children and teens. We need an organization that can help kids through stressful worrisome situations. Kids help phone not only helps these causes but it promotes healthy growth for these young children to become well rounded adults. The future of the world is relied upon the good of our children.

This organization, Kids Help Phone, really drew interest to me in what they are trying to accomplish. Many children become depressed and emotionally unstable because of things they went through. A lot of the children cannot get proper treatment or have anyone to talk to. I know a friend who went through a really depressing time in his life when his father passed away. He became very violent and would lash out in school to express his anger. The family did not have a steady income to see a psychologist. He would have greatly benefited form this organization because they could have helped him work through his grief by talking to him and giving him new ways of dealing with the situation. The type of environment this organization offers can give kids a sense of love and care that they might not receive. The organization could help lower suicides in teens by giving them a friend or someone to talk to. I love the message and help Kids Help Phone is establishing.

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