International Justice Mission Canada

by reillymccambridge on March 2, 2014 - 8:45pm


Core Values & Goals: International Justice Mission Canada (IJMC) wishes to protect those who have been victim of sexual exploitation, slavery, and other forms of violent oppression.  IJMC is in partnership with the International Justice Mission American and strives for justice for victims of serious oppression, they see to it that perpetrators are prosecuted and also that the victims get the proper care and help that they need.


Major Projects in 2014: “Breaking Boards, Breaking Chairs” is a noticeable event on the calendar, it is a fundraiser that will go on between martial arts schools around the country to raise funds for the organization.  Also “The Black & White Dinner” is a big event for the 2014. It is an event that raises awareness around subjects like slavery, sexual violence and sexual trafficking.


Volunteer Opportunities: Currently there are no specific volunteer opportunities listed on IJMC’s site but they do encourage people to check back frequently. Also if you still feel the need to contribute to the cause the organization is always accepting donations and they encourage you to partake in an IJMC event near you!


Contact Information: International Justice Mission Canada, PO Box 336 Stn B, London, ON N6A 4W1, 519.679.5030. If you would like to inquire about upcoming volunteer opportunities, or to register for events please contact this e-mail address for further information:

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