How to Conquer Addictions and Mental Illness

by DanielaSpinelli on February 27, 2014 - 6:06pm

Organization: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

The Center for Addiction and Mental Health combines clinical care, research, and education to those who are affected by a mental illness and addiction issues. The following is a list of CAMH goals and values they wish to achieve when they’re in transforming lives. This information can be found of their website.
Values: courage, respect, excellence
-Enhance recovery by improving access to integrated care and social support.
-Earn a reputation for outstanding service, accountability and professional leadership
-Build an environment that supports recovery
-Ignite discovery and innovation
-Revolutionize education and knowledge exchange
-Drive social change

Current Projects
Event: Strengthening Families for the Future
Purpose: a prevention program for families and children (7-11 years) that help those who are affected by alcohol, drugs or mental health issues.
Location: Toronto

Event: George Brown College Mental Health Conference
Purpose: explore the concept of mental health and provide knowledge about mental illnesses.
Location: Toronto

Their volunteer opportunities are divided into three different programs.
1) Clinical Volunteer Program: volunteer directly with clients      
2) Research Volunteer Program: opportunity to gain experience and research      
3) Corporate Volunteer Program: volunteer with coworkers

How to Volunteer
Contact Information;
Person: Freda Lai      
Telephone number: 416-535-8501 ext 32179

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