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by VanessaPace on March 2, 2014 - 5:45pm

Group Harmony  is an organization that focuses on helping individuals over 55 years old suffering from problems such as alcohol, drugs, gambling problems, and many other offenses that are harmful and conflicts with the law. To these individuals they offer support on how to prevent and solve problems related to their specific issue .They also take time to educate the community about such elderly people who are suffering from these issues. This organization offers the services of a professional team and volunteers to help respond to natural environment with elderly individuals with problems of “psychotropic drug” . Fundraisers are also held to obtain funds in order to ensure the prolonging of their programs and services they provide to such individuals. When you volunteer at Harmony Group, you will be helping a senior or an individual with a problem with alcohol, drugs, and other substances, to help improve their quality of life. You will do this by going to visit the individual at their home or in a place of their choice, and you offer your support and listen through your involvement of volunteering.  

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When I read this article it's great to hear that the group is helping out 50 plus with their addiction. Hear in America we have AA meetings....but I never heard of an organization that does so much for these people like Group Harmony does. Maybe Group Harmony could become an organization that provides support but allows gives a place to create and form friends and allow them to do trips, maybe allow them to create their own fundraisers. They could possibly create an adult day care center where it allows them to get all the support they need.

Thanks Tony for your comment , it shed light and knowledge to my post and was useful.Its nice to hear that in America they have something similar called AA meetings . Your ideas of what Group Harmony could be are great ideas and solutions . An adult day care center as you stated is a great idea that could help these individuals even more and keep them out of trouble. I look forward to hearing more of your ideas on Thursday when our classes will have the video-connected chat . See you then !!

I think this is a great opportunity for someone older to seek help with certain things like these. Tony.Dossantos11 posted that we have AA meeting here in America but I feel like the age group they are targeting (those over 55) will be more comfortable opening up with people around their own age. In AA meetings, pretty much anyone is welcomed to attend which make people a little nervous; it’s almost the same situation as a woman uncomfortable attending a unisex gym, so they avoid going. I don’t really know anyone with any of these issues but I am very close with my grandmother and I would want her to get help if she did and feel comfortable about doing so. I would love to hear more about the volunteer and fundraiser opportunities in a future posting.

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