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Core Values and Goals: Equitas believes that human rights education is a key in reinforcing knowledge and shaping positive behaviors and attitudes. They see a world where everyone is treating equally and given equal opportunity, one where everyone is given their rights which are entrenched in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.  Their name was inspired from a Latin word for justice, fairness and equity. They list five main organizational values which are integrity, focus and direction, openness, trust and mutual respect, partnership and innovation. They aim to make the world a better place by teaching the youth about human rights, encouraging them to become leaders capable of delivering social change.

Major Projects in 2014: For the upcoming year Equitas has many small events planned such as the “Equitas Gala Cocktail However” and also “Play it Fair!”. Although the organization has a lot on their plate, the most anticipated event on the calendar for 2014 is the annual International Human Rights Training Program in Montreal.

Volunteer Opportunities: As of today Equitas only has one volunteer opportunity posted on their site. They are looking for someone who would be interested in creating electronic “gift cards” that will be sold to generate funds for the organization. You can also fill in an online volunteer application form online so that the organization can get back to you. They will most likely need help with administrative tasks, program-related research, and the production of the semi-annual newsletter among other things. Lastly, Equitas invites everyone to subscribe to their newsletter so that you are up to date with their events and plans for the future.

Contact Information: 666 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 1100, Montréal, Québec, Canada. Telephone: 514-954-0382. If you’d like to volunteer you can fill out an applicant form on www.equitas.org or contact ryarosky@equitas.org . Contact info@equitas.org for more information!

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