Chez Doris

by TarikA on March 4, 2014 - 12:20am

Core Goals & Values: Chez Doris is a non-profit organization, which has the goal of offering educational and recreational activities, social services and professional services to women in need.


Major Projects in 2014: On May 26, Chez Doris will be organizing a fundraiser “tea time” from 2 to 5 pm. Each entry will cost $50 and the money will be raised to support the efforts of the volunteers and professionals at Chez Doris.


Volunteer Opportunities: There are various volunteer opportunities available at Chez Doris, such as reception work (i.e. greeting and registering clients, answering the phone), helping out in the clothing room by folding and organizing donated clothes, and distributing hot meals to clients in the cafeteria. Among these opportunities there is also the possibility to serve as a helper in the kitchen or as a driver picking up donations.


Contact Information:

1) Director of Chez Doris:


Tel: (514) 937-2341 local 229

2) Volunteering


Tel: (514) 937-2341


History: In 1974, a woman named Doris, who had suffered from alcoholism and had lead a life of prostitution to make ends meet, was found dead – she had been raped and brutally beaten. For many women in Montreal at the time, this was the state of their lives – having to prostitute themselves on the street in order to just get by the tough and merciless world around them. Chez Doris was created in honor of Doris in 1977, in order to provide women with what Doris had always asked for: “ a place to go without prying eyes and too many questions.” 

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