Centre pour les victims d’agression sexuelle de Montreal

by VanessaPace on March 2, 2014 - 5:46pm

 Centre pour les victims d’agression sexuelle de Montreal is an organization that was created to offer services for free, to meet the needs of victims that have been sexually assaulted.  The centre provides services to adults over 18, to women and men who have been victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and incest. They provide these individuals with medical services, and therapeutic services. This organization states that their employees, volunteers and inters are all women. This was a choice of the organization because most of their victims are women and want services provided by a woman because men had sexually assaulted them. Men who call and attend the center also have the same needs.


Webpage: http://cvasm.org/main.asp?lang=fr&page=services

24h emergency phone line: 514 - 934-4504

 Deborah A. Trent, Director: 514-934-0354 ext 7450

 Administration: 514-934-0354 ext 7456

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