Centre d'information sur l'environnement de Longueuil (CIEL)

by gregpdesrosiers on March 2, 2014 - 10:24pm

Centre d'information sur l'environnement de Longueuil, or CIEL, is a non-profit organization I discovered at Champlain College Saint-Lambert's Social Awareness Fair on February 19, 2014. They deal with the issue of environment in a local perspective.


Located outside Montreal, CIEL’s goal is spreading awareness about sustainable development and environment protection to Longueuil, the largest suburbs of the Montérégie Region. Today, they are spreading word about the chorus frog (rainette faux-grillon) and its risk of extinction. They have a committee regarding drinking water and wastewater management, a committee for managing residual materials such as road salt, residential composting, and recycling laws, and another committee on promoting organic foods from local farms.


I sent an e-mail to CIEL’s information team regarding volunteer opportunities and the person best to communicate with regarding info of the volunteering opportunities. But at the time of this writing and at the time this was published, I have not received a reply from them. However, you can volunteer for CIEL in efforts to manage the environment, access the organization’s services, and even support the board members who coordinate each other for environment management. You don’t need to live in Longueuil to become a member.


The organization was formed in 1995 with a mission to educate Longueuil schools on recycling. In 2002, they adopted a rule of pesticides to an unknown city in the Montérégie, and in 2008, they published a plan, to conserve the chorus frog, to Boucherville, a small city in association with Longueuil.


So what are you waiting for? Volunteer and contribute to the efforts at CIEL!

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