Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA)

by gregpdesrosiers on March 2, 2014 - 10:13pm

The Canadian Environment Law Association, or CELA, is a politics-based environment agency in Toronto. They work closely with the Government of Canada regarding the environmental implications set out, and environmental management.


Their objectives are to increase public engagement in environment-based decision making, advocate for laws, standards and policies, work with the public and interest groups for long-term solutions regarding environment concerns and resource use, and apply precautionary measures to hamper harm to human and the ecosystem. There is no direct information to what CELA is working on this year, but there has been some effort done recently. For example, they have the Green Budget Coalition, which not only recommends federal budgets regarding environmental sustainability, but also in adopting the financial measures specified.


CELA is looking for highly motivated individuals, with a background in environmental law, academic research, and community development. I sent an e-mail to them for information about the volunteer opportunities, but I did not get an answer back at the time this was written. Even if CELA is officially not a volunteer organization, there are volunteering opportunities, although the positions can't be described. They are looking for those heavily interested in law reform and public education. 


The group started out in 1970 in using existing laws for environmental protection. They hold opportunities for careers, although it is not usually advertised on their site; it has to be exchanged by contact. Two of their past projects include their involvement in the life extension of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, and the refurbishment of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station.


Follow up on CELA and share a voice with them, or even contribute to their efforts in working with the government!

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