Canadian Centre for Diversity

by reillymccambridge on March 2, 2014 - 8:47pm


Core Values & Goals: The Canadian Centre for Diversity wants to form a Canadian society without discrimination or prejudice. They see the importance of tolerance, acceptance and making society as peaceful as possible. They two goals of the organization are listed on their site as “to eliminate prejudice and discrimination through the advancement of education and public awareness & to provide information and public education concerning attitudes that lead to prejudice and discrimination.”


Major Projects in 2014: IJMC has a numerous amount of events planned for the 2014 year however the Birdle Bash has to be the biggest event marked on the calendar. The Birdle Bash is a big charity concert that is organized every summer in order to raise funds and also awareness for the organization. This is a key event on the calendar for this organization because there is a good amount of hype surrounding it.


Volunteer Opportunities: Although there are no specific positions listed the Canadian Centre for Diversity is always looking for helping hands whether it be donating to help the cause or even getting involved on the ground level. To receive more information about the upcoming events where help will be needed you can contact via e-mail.

Contact Information: 2 Carlton Street, Suite 820, Toronto, ON M5B 1J3, 416.597.9693.For more information or if you have any questions of concern you can contact

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