1er Goupe Scout de Longueil

by JL on March 1, 2014 - 3:35pm


1er Groupe Scout de Longueil is an organization that aims to teach children respect through actions. This association is trying to show youngsters how to engage in the society while respecting the people and respecting human values in order to assure peace within human kind. In order to achieve that goal, they organize scouting adventure for children to start cooperating and respecting each other as a team or a peer a young age. Since 1961, this association has taught their way of respect to more than 24000 people. It is open to everyone of any gender, any beliefs.  

What they expect the children to learn: 

Respect each peer and act with dignity 
Respect everyone with no exception, without discrimination 
No prejudices 
Protect our environment 
Reject violence as a solution 
Act with responsibility 
Participate in society 

 They are currently searching for teenagers from 16-17 years old to animate games and have fun with children. This volunteering opportunity is accessible to everyone with or without experience. If you're interested in animating games for children, you can contact Ms.Elisa Thibault at 514-629-0648 or simply send her an e-mail at autres2010@hotmail.com  or info@scouts-longeuil.qc.ca . Or, simply visit them at 782 rue St Jean, Longueil, QC. 


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