Law before God? (Post #1)

by ChristinaPyontka on February 12, 2014 - 11:25pm

Religion is one of the biggest problems in society. There are so many different religions that people aren’t going to except every single one, which causes arguments and major problems. Religion shouldn’t be one of the biggest focuses in society, for example, if the religion a person is part of says to wear something then that shouldn’t become a problem. The only thing that would have to be above religion in society is the law. The law shouldn’t attack religion nor support it. The law also shouldn’t make exceptions for certain religions and their practices, for example, when getting your driver’s licence or passport, all of your face should be showing so that law enforcers can clearly see what you look like, therefore no issue could arise. Altogether, I believe that religion should be placed relatively low in priority in society.


I don't think the place of religion should be graded. I think that everyone should be able to do what they want in term of religious activities as long as it respects the rigths of others and does not compromise the job of anybody.

Canada's society has always been very diverse. We need to accept the diversity, embrace it, then move on. I agree with you: there are more pressing matters to deal with in society, like health, education, and the economy.

I agree with you that religion shouldn't be the society's top priority, but the reason that it makes the headlines in the news quite often means that it really is a priority for many people. Mixing religion and law is quite a delicate subject, as religion is above law for some people, and a good example to prove this is honor killing.

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