Violence in the Gaza strip

by AlmaghrawiN on November 2, 2013 - 10:58pm

In this article it mentions the violence happening between the Palestinians and the Israeli’s which had fuelled up for these past couple of months. It had been said that explosives had gone off in a tunnel where the Israeli soldiers had been. This then caused causalities between the Palestinians and the Israelis in Khan Younis, where four Palestinians were killed and the injury of five Israeli soldiers.  The Israeli Defence forces mentioned that the taking a part of the tunnel was due to the possibility of it being used for future attacks against the Israelis. Later than they had another explosion which had gone off in another tunnel where three members of Hamas were killed. Issues between the two haven’t been settled being that it had been said that “Gaza will be the land of hell”.  

I believe that the world has to take action and resolve the issue between the two, because of the increasing kills that are happening on both ends. The Palestinians and Israeli’s have been fighting for plenty of years and no solution has been made to end it. I believe that it is time for both ends to work things out and end the violence between the two.


I do agree to what you are saying somewhat (hence the asterisk). I do believe that the fighting between Israel and Palestine needs to end, however I don't believe that getting the rest of the world involved is the way to do it. If the world were too get involved there would just be more killing because the United States would side with Israel and the U.S. allies would probably as well, assuming they don't claim neutrality. Whereas the Palestinians would probably have many of the enemies of the U.S. side with them which would only cause more bloodshed and more war because it would pull everyone into a war against each other.

I also think it would be a poor choice to get involved in the situation in Israel. It would most likely end up with many countries taking different sides, and increased military forces would only draw out the violence, not end it sooner. An assumption you seem to be making in your post is that getting involved in Israel would end the violence sooner, however this could very well be false. There is of course no way to know for sure without it actually happening, but I believe that adding military forces would prolong the fighting. I think that there is a big emotional draw with this type of issue because they are literally fighting for their own homes, but sometimes you've got to go with the lesser evil. Offering humanitarian aid is another situation completely, I definitely think that aid should be sent in to relieve the suffering of the people of Israel, but this should be handled primarily by the United Nations because they have the authority and the means to intervene if the situation gets way too far out of control and basic human rights are being violated (Ex: the right to stay alive, the right to have food, etc.)

I feel that while it may be a bad decision getting involved in the affairs of Israel, but there needs to be some kind of intervention. It would not even be necessary to become physically involved, with troops rather perhaps serve as a mediator. Acts of terror cannot be allowed to be acted out by the few and speak for the many. It flies in the face of our very idea of democracy, it's been proven before that becoming too involved is a negative so serving as a neutral for both sides could be beneficial, as others mentioned in their comments humanitarian aid could be offered. To take no action would be a casual disregard for what our own values stand for.

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