USA sabotaging peace talk?

by Mich.Raposo on November 2, 2013 - 8:29pm

This article, “Pakistan accuses US of sabotaging peace talks by killing domestic Taliban leader”, from Washington Post (LINK:, is about how Pakistani government is extremely angry about how America had killed their leader in the strode fight. Although, for Americans, that is a huge success considering the Pakistan leader was the U.S.’s number one enemy. But, Pakistan does not find it as amusing.

Pakistan decided that the only way to end the conflict between them and the Taliban was to push peace talk. But according to the Pakistan government, the peace talk never even began happened due to the murder of the Taliban leader by the USA. It was later discussed how the US should have not even engaged in any way to find the Taliban leader while Pakistan was trying to form peace with them, making their efforts to make things better go absolutely nowhere.
This is a social issue because it was something that was being brought to peace, something that many wanted to be brought to peace, and did not happen so now many are feared. The Taliban is an extremely feared group alone, and it would have been amazing if it could have come to an end. But unfortunately they will continue their activities as usual now, or possibly more dangerous activities will resume due to the fact that their leader was murdered. This issue is affecting many personal lives.

                In my personal opinion, it is great that the USA has been able to finally take down the Taliban leader, but the timing was just wrong. Pakistan was putting in a huge effort to create peace between one another, and it was good to know the Taliban was accepting to talk peace with Pakistan. Although, the USA could have not just decided to walk away from the leader and decide to murder him another time, because that would be utterly ridiculous. But unfortunately, the timing was wrong and hopefully the Taliban will decide to sometime soon have their first peace talk with Pakistan. But for that to happen, it will take quite some time before the Taliban group decides to invite Pakistani government again, and also some more effort from Pakistan to do so.



The USA was in the right to kill the Taliban leader, but it was bad timing. This article seems truly interesting. Great choice. It is a different kind then I am used to. You explained it so simply. I have heard of the USA doing many things as this in other events like the Vietnam war. America needs to look before they act.

I agree with you when you say that the U.S.A made the right choice by taking down Bin Laden. It’s too bad that it interrupted peace talks, but it was something that needed to happen for the safety of the rest of the world. This man was the number one most wanted man alive, the U.S. could not have tried a different time, as you said. The government had an opportunity and they had to take it because there may not have been a chance like this again. I like your choice of writing about this topic because it is relatively recent, and because the point of view between the people in the Middle East and America are most likely completely different. Obviously, I’m a little biased because I live in the United States, but for the safety of the world, I feel like this needed to be done. Hopefully their peace talks continue sometime soon, but it was a good thing that we sacrificed these peace talks in order to take out Bin Laden.

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