Typhoon Haiyan; One of the Philippines Many Disasters

by LTomassini on November 11, 2013 - 1:03pm

The news article “Monster typhoon Haiyan roars across Philippines” by Matt McGrath, an environment correspondent of the BBC, was written on November 8th, 2013. This article discusses the social issue that is environmental disasters. Typhoon Haiyan which recently hit the Philippines is said to have been one of the strongest typhoons to ever hit land. It forced millions of people out of their homes and put the Philippines in a state of calamity. This early evacuation however was said to have helped reduce its destructive potential and prevented many causalities according to Eduardo del Rosario, head of the disaster response agency. “The storm brought gusts of wind reaching 379km/h, waves as high as 15m and up to 400mm of rain in some places”. The typhoon caused the destruction of buildings, floods and landslides, as well as cut power and communication in some areas. Leyte and Samar were the two cities most affected by Haiyan. Haiyan also completely destroyed Cebu city which is home to the countries second largest population of 2.5 million people. Typhoon Haiyan is equivalent to a category five hurricane and is said to have done “the greatest wind damage any city on Earth has endured from a tropical cyclone in the past century”. It is the 25th tropical storm to have hit the Philippines this year and is said to be heading towards southern China and Vietnam. In this tropical storms way are areas which have recently been hit with a deadly 7.3 magnitude earthquake. These areas are struggling to recover and have a large population at risk.

 In my opinion, I think that a typhoon of this magnitude is devastating. The population in the Philippines is affected by a large number of tropical storms every year. They do not have the time to recover from one natural disaster before they are hit by another. The population is living in fear of these disasters everyday. They do not have the same safe buildings and infrastructure like the ones in more developed countries like the US and Canada. The population is therefore more at risk of being affected by these storms. I think that more developed countries should take on some responsibilities and help put countries in need like the Philippines. They have the resources to help out countries suffering from natural disasters and should take pride in providing aid for them. I also think the technology we have today is a great tool for helping with natural disasters. We are able to predict the time the storm is going to hit which allows us to evacuate the territory and potentially save many lives because of this. I think that overall, such natural disasters should be aided by more powerful countries and that these countries should help to rebuilt stronger infrastructures in order to avoid such disaster when the next storm hits.






I totally agree with your opinion. The Philippines are constantly under mother nature's devastating grip. Also being these little islands surrounded each side by water, they do not have much protection over these natural disasters. I also think that the more developed countries should come in aid to this country. China, who is a super-developed country should lend a hand to their fellow neighbors. With the technologies that we have today, I am sure they could build super resistant buildings that could resist Typhoons. If each country lends a hand to one another, many of these natural disasters would not do so much damage.

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