Tired of being Unheard!

by JessicaZytynsky on September 13, 2013 - 6:43pm

In this article written by Dan Bilefsky on September 12th 2013, the Polish population rose against their government because of the disappointment of where the economy has gone. About 23, 000 Protestants were to be found on Wednesday, tired of the lies that Mr. Tusk brought on their country since 2007. Since his election, civilians have said that nothing good came afterwards, such as an increase in taxes and changing the pension system. This country that was recently glorified as the ‘eastern miracle’ for being able to produce growth through Europe’s depth crisis, will only growth from 1 percent this year. This is the weakest growth since the 1990s. To worsen things up, Poland has increased to 13 percent of unemployment, causing the protesters to be even more outraged. These protestors are being stimulated by the combination of activists from Solidarity. The Poles want to liquidate all sweatshops and want the government to change the labor laws. They want contracts that will promise health care, retirement benefits and want to reverse the age for retirement.

In my opinion, I think it is appropriate what these individuals are doing. They have horrible labor conditions and have a government who is also denying the fact that there is an actual issue going on. Who doesn’t want to have a stable job and retirement benefits? These are things that should be evident of having in this country. If people are as equal of one another, they should be paid for what they are worth. Paying people 5 cents a day should not be tolerated. Thus, the government should listen to what these people have to say and bring action because these riots will only be the beginning….



I agree with your viewpoint. The government is completely at fault in this situation and deserves the uproar by its people. It is so unfortunate for those people to have to live in such a terrible economy with a useless government. It is so incredibly infuriating when the government, set in place to provide the best for its citizens’ well-being, is harming the people it should be looking out for. The people are doing what they should by bringing the horrible economy to the governments’ attention. If the government would just listen to them and try to come up with a solution, there would not be such chaos. I know I would sure be in an uproar living under such conditions.

I 100% agree with this point of view. If the government is not doing the people any justice, then the people under that government have every right to protest and look for a regime change. The government needs to work for the people, and they should be doing everything in their power achieve growth every single year. Also, it looks like the Polish government has the ability to flourish because it did in past years. If the people are not getting what they believe they deserve out of the government, then they should be fighting against it in order to get what they feel they deserve. This reminds me of what happened in Egypt in 2011. The Egyptian people wanted better social justice, so they started a revolution against their leader and won.

I agree with your opinion because in my opinion if the government is treating their people unfair then why can’t the people stand up for themselves? Having poor working conditions, getting little pay then having to pay for the increase on taxes isn’t bringing any good for the people. They’re going to be struggling and living from paycheck to paycheck. The people of this country work hard and get treated less then what their work is worth. Then they have the right to stand up for themselves and take action against the government. Whether it be by protesting or even boycotting then I say do what you have to do to get the respect you deserve.

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