Taliban Prohibits Polio Vaccine

by jmckoymarchand on November 2, 2013 - 7:22pm

      The article “Pakistan polio outbreak puts eradication at risk” on behalf of CBC news highlights the present situation concerning polio and the Taliban. The purpose of the article is to inform the general public that the Taliban ban on the vaccination for polio is generating a severe polio eruption and furthermore notifies its readers of the effects it brings presently, and the effects it may have in the future.


      The Taliban prohibition has been shown to create serious issues in Pakistan. It has been said that the ban threatens to overturn much of the progress made prior to its restriction that was in pursuit of bringing an end to the infectious disease for good. Evidence of this is shown as tests conducted via sewage sampling across Pakistan’s major cities display that the virus is in fact starting to spread which can consequently trigger polio epidemics in densely populated areas. In addition to supporting evidence, studies show that in less than three decades, global cases have dropped by more than 99.9% starting from 1985 having 350,000 cases, to 223 cases last year according to the GPEI (Global Polio Eradication Initiative). However, in 2013, its been stated that there's already been 296 cases worldwide. As health teams in Pakistan attempted to vaccinate citizens under the “Taliban radar”, they’ve been attacked repeatedly as the Taliban denounced the vaccine as being a plot on behalf of the western world to sterilize muslims. For example, there was recently a Taliban bomb that was detonated near a polio vaccination team in the city of Peshawar which killed two people. Not only was the bomb triggered to strike the health teams, but was furthermore appeared to strike the police force asked to protect them. Elias Durry, head of the GPEI states “we have entered a phase that we were all worried about and were afraid might happen” as many children under the age of two are now not only crippled due to the viral disease, but face little to no chance of getting the help they so desperately need by the health teams who’re arguably in as much danger as them. Conclusively, Durry states that as long as we’re incapable of reaching the children as a means of putting a halt to viral spread, we face the fact that it can endanger all the advancement that has been made so far not only in Pakistan, but around the globe, leaving all of humanity in potential danger. As a result of this whole event in its entirety, one can argue that this is evidently a social issue as it’s something that’s capable of leaving many people deceased not only by the illness, but by the murders on behalf of the Taliban. Another reason is that not only can it potentially affect Pakistan and its regions, but all the beings of this planet; which of course, makes for an issue that shouldn't be taken lightly.


     I believe that the Taliban has no right to force its beliefs on other people. Who’re they to say that others can’t choose to receive the vaccine because they supposedly believe it’s a “western plot to sterilize Muslims”? It really aggravates me knowing that in a sense, they have no concern for all of humanity due to the fact that this virus can eventually spread to all parts of the earth. Conclusively, I strongly hold the opinion that believes that we should stop the Taliban; and by “we” I utterly mean anybody or anything that can. Not to mention that if we don’t, the billions of dollars that have been spent on curing the disease preceding these series of events would’ve been spent in vein.




Wow! I did not know that this issues was going on! The description of the article that you gave was very informative and well written. You made clear statements that really helped me to understand what was going on with this issue. As someone going into the medical field I am a firm believer in the use of vaccines. I completely agree with the opinion that it is not only very wrong of the Taliban to do this but also that it is completely ridiculous. If you have a lifesaving cure for a crippling disease then why wouldn’t you use it? Not only are they putting their fellow countrymen in jeopardy because of some unsound belief but they are also putting the world community in jeopardy of having a large outbreak of this devastating disease. I definitely think that the world community needs to be paying a lot of attention to this issue.

This article immediately caught my attention because the polio vaccine is something that people have been using and relying on for a while now. It is a known way to help stop this disease from hurting people, and seeing the title that the Taliban does not want to use it caught me off guard. Since they are preventing people from receiving this vaccine it is spreading and it can have an effect on the world not just their population. That is why I agree that the Taliban need to be stopped. In this world we are making medicines and vaccines that are supposed to protect people so they are able to live healthier longer. Letting this outrageous process continue will destroy too many lives. You did a really great job giving specific details in your article about the issue, and I feel well informed about the main points of this problem.

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