Russia Wants to Come in Help with Syria

by Celia Mekid on September 13, 2013 - 5:52pm

The article by a Russian author, Will Englund, reflects on Russia’s perhaps desire to help the Syrians. It also touches on United States’ reaction towards Russia’s behavior. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is betting on something unsure when offering his aid to the Syrian crisis. It has been common for Putin to give his input on sure things, though this time, his success will only depend on forces out of his control.

Russia thinks about helping the Syrians by being implicated in the provision of merchandises and chemical guns. They are thinking about this idea as opposed to helping the United States because Russia and Syria have always been on good terms and Russia is closer to Syria than it is to the States. Even though such offering for help could have the image of degrading and embarrassing Washington, considering that Russia is known for its massive amount of ideal weapons, Russia sees it as an opportunity to be recognized. It is also a good way to keep the good relationship with Syria in order to prevent future conflicts. Moscow is also hesitant when it comes to leaving full responsibility in the hands of the Syrians weapon-wise. They are afraid that Syria’s chemical weapons might fall into the hands of Muslim extremists within Russia.

The main reason why Russia is being indecisive would be the fear of Islamic extremists. Even though they have an immense confidence in their decisions and attitudes, they are afraid of being taken for blame if anything bad happens and are afraid of cutting off the good relationship with Syria. They have to think about their own people, because if anyone from Syria would rebel, it would bring a lot of risks towards the Russian population.

This is considered as a social isssue because offering this type of help could bring good opportunities to Russia’s people, but it could also bring conflicts. Personally, if I was Putin, I would try to help Syria but in different ways. I wouldn’t help them find weapons, because it could bring many risks to their own population. I would focus on my own country, and keep it stable.

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