Impact Player Refused Service in Montreal Metro

by Mich.Raposo on October 28, 2014 - 9:42pm


            The article “Impact Player Claiming Racism at Hands of Montreal Transit Employee”, written by The Canadian Press – Montreal on June 20th, 2012 explains that society today is not only discriminating due to the color of skin, but by what language are spoken in certain areas as well. A Montreal Impact professional soccer player, Miguel Montano, from Colombia got told by a public transit employee that speaking English was not aloud when purchasing a metro ticket in Montreal, and was refused service otherwise. Insulted by this, Montano went straight to a social media source (twitter) to explain his anger, and called Montreal being racist. However, even though the distinction between French and English may not be considered racism by many, it is still discriminatory behaviour. The article concludes with an anti-racism advocate saying that this situation had more to do with race rather than language. This is not the first complaint on racial rudeness, but not much has been done about it so far.


            This article is a report, with that being said, it is more of a “he said “she said” situation, luckily Montano had a friend with him while trying to access the metro in Montreal who is proof of the unfortunate situation, he as well made a complaint. It is obvious in Quebec that there has always been heat between the two languages of English and French, Quebec does not want to lose their language and their culture, but I do not believe it is fair how to treat others because they are English, or an immigrant or maybe a tourist. But the author did a good job showing the different points of perspective, how Montano was insulted, how his followers on twitter didn’t agree with the notion of Montreal being racist, and with how other in the city feel of how the topic can go beyond language. The weaknesses of this article would be that there was not much talk of how this could lead to racism, although it is a very discriminatory topic.

            I agree with this city being rough on language and not being acceptable to different languages, especially in the transit system, which is used by thousands every day. I do not agree that Montreal is a racist city because of this situation, but it is a very discriminatory city when it comes to language and the culture of Quebec.

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