Huge help is needed in Philippines

by Camille Le Saux on November 15, 2013 - 11:33pm

A huge disaster, a Typhoon named Haiyan, happened in Philippines. For the moment there is about 2,300 victims, and this number is expected to rise. A lot of people lost members of their family and friends, some children are now orphan. Bodies are lying everywhere, even on the side of the street. Survivors are waiting at the airport for a flight out of the city. Aid workers are there to help them but they struggle to help the survivors. Apparently, employees from medecins sans frontiers said that the issue of distributing aid was enormous. The United-sates military aircraft are bringing aid they brought food and water, because that’s one of the main think that people are missing. It is hard to get the relief supplies the population needs because the roads are blocked and the infrastructures are destroyed.  Many countries gave financial aid, emergency teams or relief supplies. The United Kingdom, Japan and China are going to send help, which should be really helpful.

In my opinion, this natural disaster is horrible. Like the article said, it killed a lot of people, separated families and destroyed and entire city. We can not do any thing to prevent natural disasters, but maybe more countries could help those that are really in need. All the rich countries should help, at least a little bit, because each gesture could change their life conditions.



Hi there, I chose to reply to your post because the typhoon that happened in the Philippines is a very hot topic at the moment and I figured that reading your post would make me more aware of how critical the situation. As you seem to think, I too believe that the typhoon was a very unfortunate event that we all wish wouldn't have happened. It's at times like this where I have a lot of pity for people as I can't imagine how it would be like to lose a close family member or even just a friend. I completely agree with you on how countries should lend a hand to the Philippines because I personally believe that it's at times like this where countries can set aside any political differences (or any difference at all for that matter) and to, in a sense, unite in order to save and to restore a particular country back to normalcy. That being said, I also think that because of gestures like that of Japan and China, certain countries can expect to have each other's backs if a similar event were to reoccur. For example, I'm sure that if the same event were to happen to Japan, the Philippines would gladly be there to help and to pay back the favor. Personally, I think that because of these aids, bonds are formed between countries and I think it's is important because at times like these, you want to have all the support you can get. Overall, I enjoyed reading your article and I find that it does a fine job at informing its audience. Good job.

It was very unfortunate that the Philippines had to go through such a disaster, but we can't change what happened but what we can change is the future of the Philippines. When I say the future I don't necessarily mean we can change the future of the Philippines, but we can help make the typhoon recover quicker, by aiding the people of the Philippines with donations and medical aids. It's times like this when a country is facing such a disaster that other countries have to lend a helping hand.

This is terrifying. It is so unfortunate that this catastrophe would happen. Its hard to deal with such a severe natural disaster, but all we can do is fight for and help donate. recovery is the future and they need all the help they can get. just thinking about all of those poor families going from having everything to nothing in a matter of hours is so sad. but getting it all back can be easy if we all join in and help.

Your article was really eye opening to me because I knew about the disaster that happened, and as horrible as it sounds, I didn't give it much thought. Here in the United States, in New York where I live specifically, we don't have many natural disasters and this type of stuff doesn't happen to us. For me, in my culture, it's hard for me to imagine a typhoon or other natural disaster hitting us and me being affected by it. Your post made me think of all the people struggling, all the people who lost everything, and those praying for help from people like us. It made me think of ways that average every day citizens can help , either by sending supplies or money. We shouldn't have to wait for the big governments to step in. Your article was very nicely written and helped me open my eyes, and hopefully others as well.

This is a huge tragedy and I can't image going through something like this. To have people`s bodies on the streets and everywhere else is devastating. All the other countries should be sending financial aid to help them get through this. The United States should send helpers to help all the injured people and planes to get the uninjured people out of Philippines. Something like this can kill a lot of people and this storm did. Its hard to see so many people struggling at the same time with no one to turn to for help. Its all up to other countries to come to together and help. It is the courageous thing to do.

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