The Elimination of Fossil Fuel in China, Is It Possible?

by gagnonpamela on November 2, 2013 - 11:59pm

In The harsh realities of electric vehicles in China written by Michael Vaughan on Globe and Mail, the author demonstrates the rareness of the nice weather in China because of the pollution and smog in the air. It is mostly because of the abusive use of cars producing pollution from the carburant. There are a lot of people living in China which means that more cars are used and there is even more traffic. China is trying to do the Five Year Plan to change from fossil fuel to electric energy for the cars. Unfortunately, there are some problems to electric energy including the fact that it is very expensive compared to fossil fuel. It requires more money and is more trouble to create hydro and electric cars than just using what we use for the most part of the population nowadays. There are also the issues that electric cars lose energy faster than fossil fuel cars. China tried to find solutions to the pollution problem like forbidding more than a certain number of cars on the road per day although it is not easy to control this perfectly. The Chinese government has in mind that in a few years he will slowly be able to upgrade the electric-powered cars and more people will be using those, but the chances of that happening are very low at this point. The government does invest in electric cars, but since it is 30% more expensive than gasoline cars, the government has fewer tendencies to put as much effort to combine all his energy in this project. Some people might say that China is the future for electric cars but in fact there was no increase of demands in China. If the government wants to change the pollution in the air of China, he has to find a way to make electric cars a possible use of the majority of the population.

I think that people do not try to care enough for the environment. I always see people using the car for very short distances when they could just walk. People do not realise that even though creating hydro cars or electric cars is expensive, it might save our lives for a couple more years on earth than continuing the pollution with gasoline-powered cars. Is money really more important than our health? Of course, pollution and smog is bad for our health and also for the environment. I am aware that it is not a piece of cake to just change the use of fossil fuel for electric power, but government should absolutely find solutions fast for this. I agree that the Five Year Plan is good for this and also removing 20% of the cars on the road every day is a good short term solution but I still find that it removes the freedom of the people in China which is not good. They should find a long term solution.


I really like your view on the environment and how converting to electrical cars will help with the pollution problem around the world. I think that post industrial nations have to come up with alternative sources of energy in order to avoid damage to the environment. The environment is such a fragile part of the global sphere and should be preserved. China’s plan to switch to electrical power should be a bench mark for the rest of the world. We need to realize that fossil fuels will not last forever. We need to convert now to save the environment and avoid future global panic from loss of the resources that we take for granite every day. Although we will have to make sacrifices today the benefits will be substantial in the future. If we want future generations to prosper we need to take the initiative to convert today to save tomorrow.

I agree with your opinion that China needs to do something about their pollution issue. They cannot keep going on the way that they are without further damaging the environment. Also, I think you are correct when saying that people do not care about the environment. Growing up with a dad who is an environmental scientist, he always wanted me to walk places that were close so we didn’t have to use the car. This is what you are saying people should do more often. Yes, it is hard to say “I’m going to walk to the store”, this is why people do not do it and are constantly driving and further polluting the air. I can tell from your post that this is a major issue in China. When you said that weather in highly populated areas is rarely nice due to pollution, it was very shocking to me. China is not the only place that needs to work on polluting less. But yes, their government does need to do something about it soon!

A friend of mine owns a hybrid car, which can either run on gasoline or be charged electrically. Although the price of this car was more expensive than just regular cars using gasoline, the amount of money they saved not buying as much gasoline has already paid for the extra expense for the car. I agree with your opinion that people aren't caring enough about our health and our environment. The truth is that we won't see a huge effect in our life time, and I think that's why people don't really care. We need to make people aware of the ways that our actions can affect the future and the lives of our children and their children etc.

I agree with you when you say that this is an important problem that too many people ignore and which could be fixed with the use of electric car, but a large proportion of China's electricity is obtain by burning coal and other fossil fuels. They have made some major efforts in developing greener energy sources such as hydroelectricity, but their current output is sufficient for their current needs. Another major factor in this problem is also the greatly expanding middle class in China and other major developing countries, which wants to have access to cars and therefor increases the amount of cars in circulation and therefore increasing the pollution, but it is also true since they want a better living space, this includes smog reduction, his could cause a major change in types of energy being used in China and also facilitate a transfer to renewable energy and electric cars.
If China is able to tap all of its energy from renewable resources, the electrification of China's transportation system would be a major improvement to the current situation, otherwise the electrification of cars will still contribute to pollution since coal and other fossil fuels will be used for the electricity.

I think that humans as a whole have a very hard time thinking about how their actions are going to affect the Earth in the long term. I think that we see that our actions are not going to directly impact our lives, so we don't care. This is most likely why people are not willing to buy hybrid or electric cars. This is also why people drive the short distances that could easily be walked, which I thought was a great point, because I've seen some ridiculous instances where people drove instead of walked. For example, I'll never forget when my neighbor's dog ran away last summer. I found the dog walking in my driveway, which is maybe a 200 feet walk from my neighbor's driveway. I was about to start walking the dog over when I saw my neighbor get into his car and drive over to my driveway to pick up his dog. The man drove his car 200 feet to my driveway, then 200 feet back instead of just walking. I've seen people do things like this all the time and I honestly think that they know they are killing the environment. I also think that they know that they won't live to see the long term affects that these choices are going to have on the environment that the generations before us are going to have to deal with. I think that because they know they won't see the damaging effects, they don't care, and it's pretty sad.

I agree with you that barely anyone cares enough to try to save the world from pollution. Creating these hydro and electric cars is very expensive, but if more people would pay for them and more were in need, they would be more researched and produced which would make them cheaper. Not only China but the whole world should work on creating a solution to use less fossil fuels and to use more resources that would reduce pollutions that is contaminated the earth and our health. Humans need to think more about the future and what the outcome of our actions will be if we do not change our ways and habits.

Inevitability the fossil fuels that we relied on for many decades will run out. We need to find alternatives now. Yes, using renewable resources is going to be a lot more expensive but it's worth the price. As humans we are destroying the environment around us. Global temperatures are increasing, ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising. This can lead to many cities near the coast flooded. China needs to persuade their citizens to use electric cars. They need to have incentives, to give people a reason to use these cars. I see China making the effort of being more environmentally friendly, like The Three Gorges Dam which is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world. As the population is increasing rapidly in China, they need more ways to keep up with that and provide electricity for their citizens. This relates to the United States as well. This can affect the world and we all need to sway away from fossil fuels and start to invest in something else. Of course, renewable resources have their cons, but this will help the environment. This sheds light to the ever growing environmental problem due to fossil fuels.

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