Economy: Increase in poverty for UK

by DThibault on September 13, 2013 - 12:32pm

In this article the main issue that is explored is poverty. Poverty exists everywhere and it is very hard to try and make it stable but it is possible. Oxfam who are a group of people who fight to secure basic human rights and believe the world can put an end to poverty has informed the UK that poverty is approaching them soon. Although this claim hasn’t been UK’s main priority, it was shown in a report done by Oxfam those 1.9 million adults and 800,000 children will have to face poverty. Oxfam has announced about 25 million more people could no longer have a decent standard of living by the year 2025.The UK government seems to show interest in helping to reconstruct a stable economy ,but with all of the austerity measures it seems to correlate with their economy negatively. The effects of poverty are slowly started to show in the UK, since the government is trying to maintain a stable economy they seem to show control. On the long run it is there that poverty will rise and hurt every country that is connected to the UK’s economy. The citizens are being taken care of by the government, around 25 million families have been cut in their income taxes. Many methods have been used to help regain control on poverty with austerity measures that keep failing and increasing poverty/inequality. Oxfam has just released this report and the UK government doesn’t have a choice to find ways to stabilize their economy aside using austerity measures.

Seeing a report about the economic level of a country is always scary to see and should never be taken lightly. Oxfam who are a well known organization who fight against poverty has created a report for the UK to take measures in helping citizens to have a decent standards of living. If I were an individual living in the UK I would start saving my money and cutting in the useless expenses. When you move into a country you give your trust to the government, by choosing a president for the country you want to make sure that the government takes care of his/her citizens. The government has to stop thinking about making profit over its citizens and remake this economy stable. They might lose some money but the importance is to regain that trust in which the civilians gave to the president. The money can be obtained on the long run but on the short run something must be done for the citizens and the economy.

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