Diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa

by DThibault on October 17, 2013 - 8:34pm

Uganada has a total population of 36 million people.Its situated next to Kenya,Rwanda and South Sudan.In the article i read it, talked about how cancer is one of the main killer in Subsahran Africa.The united nations created a campaign to have a general idea of where sicknesses like cancer,aids,diabetes or disease would kill people.They concluded about 7,6million people die every year from those sickness.70% of these death occur in poor developping countries such as uganda.Uganda suffers every year with breast cancer.The most commonly known disease for woman in the world.Women who are affected by breast cancer in the US have a 20% chance of not being able to win the battle meanwhile in the subsaharan Africa,40-60% dont make it.more than 450 000 people die each year from breast cancer and 1.6million cases are found for breast cancer.The main reason why countries like Uganda have high death rates for people with breast cancer is because of the lack of information.The lack of information and equipment makes treatment hard and painfull for the patient since they cannot be treated properly.The only way to beat breast cancer depends on the immune system since treatment is very hard with the lack of equipments and doctors.Uganda isnt the only country in which is suffering from the lack of equipment.The problem we face are transmitting the information we know about breast cancer or any other diseases to developped country to create a shift in survival.



In the link that i posted below,there is a video about a girl in Uganda who is suffering from breast cancer.He story is very touching and i find it should be shown to everyone.Everyday she must go back and forth from a city to another.At times she doesnt even have enough money to take the bus therefore she needs to stay at the hospital a couple of days until her parents can get enough money to bring her back.Thats a hard life and i dont wish that kind of life to anyone.I would like for the world to open their eyes and see what kind of world we live in.We should be helping people around us instead of being ego-centric .The world should be having equal rights as us.To have drinkable water at their disposal or even some food.We take everything for granted while people in developping countries would be thankfull for anything we can give them.A realisation i made from this article is how people in developping countries will do anything to save their lives and survive,while people like the US,they dont take their lives seriously.What i mean by this statement is howpeople in the US will become overweight or spend hours in front of a screen.Instead of living life they decide to stay home or not do anything about their lives.While in developped countries they dont have the choice to stay home since they need to take care of their family and the only time they go out is to get food or water.That is my opinion you can disagree or agree .






Your arguments are somewhat valid, though, what is really lacking is factuality. Not only do the people of Uganda and people of Africa in general suffer from AIDS, cancer and diabetes, they also suffer from many more diseases that are considered to be more lethal. You also mentioned how they have a lack of equipment and information. I disagree, I think what they lack is sufficient financial stability. Uganda is considered one of the poorest countries in the world, ranked 20th poorest country in world in regards to GDP per capita, at a small $714.57 per capita in 2016, according to WorldAtlas (link below)1. Also, it cannot be because they have a lack of equipment, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), "The neglected diseases in Uganda include lymphatic filariasis, leprosy, schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthes, sleeping sickness. *Despite availability of effective tools and proven strategies for their control, until recently very little was being done for most of these diseases*" (WHO) (link below)2.

So to wrap this up, I'd say I agree with you, but only on certain arguments of your article, while there are many aspects to this that are untrue.

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