Crisis in the Philippines

by AlmaghrawiN on November 15, 2013 - 6:18pm

This article discusses the aftermath of the disastrous typhoon that hit the Philippines. This disaster created a lack of sanitation, fresh water, and emergency health teams, lead up to many deadly diseases, such as cholera, malaria, hepatitis, and typhoid fever. It has been said that the chances of leptospirosis and polio making a comeback to the country is very high. In the city of Tacloban they began to bury the dead, and already had seemed to experience the spread of tetanus infections from scraps of metal and wood. “The population is at increased risk of tetanus as well as outbreaks of acute respiratory infections, measles, leptospirosis and typhoid fever”. It was been said that 4,000 people have been injured after typhoon. Doctors without borders were sent in order to aid the citizens that had been affected with this disaster. The people that had survived were in major need of fresh water; because of the lack of water, diseases such as cholera had been spread out. It had been said that around 10,000 people died from the storm.


I believe that this crisis should not be ignored, that the world should take action and provide services and medical aid groups for the people that had been affected. We shouldn’t wait and hope for the best, we should aid the Philippines by donating money and providing necessary aids. 


I completely agree with you that the Philippines not only need our help for the donation of money but also to bring amelioration to their medical aids. Since the Philippines are very poor, this affected them more than other rich countries would. That is why I believe that we should help them to get better in sanitation because they do not have the means to help themselves and make change. What will make change is if other countries put together could all give a little help. This applies to many other poor countries where most of us ignore the problems there because we do not want to get out of our comfort zone.

The Philippines have experienced a dramatic event. As I was reading your article, I realized that I haven't even heard of this huge natural disaster. This made me realize that horrible events are going on throughout the world and nobody is even aware. In a situation like this, where people are dying and spreading deadly viruses, the world should intervene. Especially, the Philippines are not developed at all!! China and The United-States should intervene. This not a question of how much is this going to cost?....It's a questioning of how many people are you willing to leave dying before intervening? The Philippines need this help!!!!

I had very little knowledge of what was happening and what people were going through. Your article kind of opened my eyes, and I'm sure it did the same for many of us. I think that countries such as Canada and United States should get more involved when it comes to helping other people in need. It breaks my heart to understand what is happening and not be able to do much. Great subject though, I find it interesting ! (edited)

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