China - One-Child Policy changed.

by Mich.Raposo on November 15, 2013 - 8:57pm


In the article “In reform package, China relaxes one-child policy, abolishes prison labor camps.” From Washington Post. President Xi Jinping, in Beijing, had just announced on Friday that the One-Child Policy has been changed. Originally before this policy has been changed, couples were only allowed to give birth to one child only, unless if that one child was a female, then in that case couples were allowed to have a second child, thus hoping it would be a male. Also, if both the mother and father were single children themselves (which is very normal due to the policy), they were allowed to have more than one child. This kind of policy might sound quite strange to us, considering there has never been a limit put on how many children our parents may have. But this policy was only put into place in China because of the uncontrollable population growth, they needed to limit the births and this was the only way how. 

Due to this policy, there has been a larger amount of males in the population, which is now creating an issue in Beijing because the population is aging and not many babies are being born due to the unbalancement of genders. Many citizens are quite happy about this policy change because now they can have a family however they like. But, unfortunately many people might not even acknowledge the new policy change what so ever, because the costs are way too high to do so. And at the same time many citizens are not very happy, before this policy has been changed, many couples were forced into abortion if they fell pregnant, it is not fair what these couples have had to go through. Many human rights groups have agreed from the beginning that this whole policy should have been abolished, because now they are facing one of the world’s most unbalanced sex ratio ever.

This has become a social issue because yes now these citizens are allowed to have more than one child, but either way it does not make a large difference in the population as a whole since it is too expensive to have more than one child anyways, not much will change. But the president is hoping to have a population change in the upcoming future at the least.

In my opinion, first of all, I never knew about the One-Child Policy at all that has been taken place In China, but it is understanding to a certain point since they needed to limit their population growth. But what bothers me the most is that most of these couples were not allowed to create a family however they would have liked too, and were forced into abortions, not giving them the chance to even decide. That is not right in my eyes. And also another thing that has come to mind is, since it is so expensive for couples to have more than one child, and the president has now changed the policy, then why have the expenses not changed either? People will still not have many children due to that, even if the policy now says it is okay to do so. The president should look into more ways to help the couples in order to have a population growth. 


I’m glad you decided to write about this. Also, I’m impressed at how many different angles you managed to discuss this issue from especially seeing as how you didn’t know about it prior to reading that article. You talked about people not being able to build families like they normally would have, the pressure to have abortions, families not being able to support children due to inflation, and so forth. These are all very important issues to consider because, after being in place for so long, this policy and its ramifications will not be fixed will not be fixed just by changing one thing.
I agree with you –I can’t even fathom the government putting such specific limits on the number of children families can have. To someone living in the West, that is crazy –more like a story (if you are familiar with the “Among the Hidden” novels) than something that actually goes on. I also can’t help but think that the rapid population growth would have fixed itself in the long run had it just been left alone. Now that the sex ratio and birth rates have been tampered with, China’s future is in danger, with not as many births to replace the deaths in the nation and no one to support and increasingly aging population. This same sort of issue is happening in Japan, although no such one-child policy has ever been enacted there. So essentially, China has just created more problems for itself that could have been avoided or lessened.

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