Child Sexual Abuse in India

by Celia Mekid on November 2, 2013 - 6:39pm

The article ‘India child sex victims 'humiliated'’ posted on the BBC news and written by ‘The US-based Human Right Watched’ discusses about the lack of awareness the country of India has towards children getting abused sexually.  The HRW (Human Rights Watched) reports that children in India whom have been victimized of child sexual abuse are often neglected and humiliated by the police. It is recognized that sexual abuse is unfortunately common in the homes occupying the country of India and that when children report such abuse to the police; they are often being dismissed or ignored. The government system’s way of dealing with this issue is inadequate and according to Geeta Pandey, such attitude is due to how sex is a taboo subject in India. Also, campaigners say that children are mostly sexually abused by relatives, neighbours, at school and at care homes for orphans. The abusers are most commonly family members (parents, grandparents, uncles and siblings), and other caregivers and so with the traditional patriarchal society that India often tends to show off, it is common that parents and other authority figures are unwilling to report. They hide such big actions because they want to avoid scandals and want to protect the child victims from dealing with additional distress when referring to police force, pushy medical examinations and an insensible judiciary.

There was a law passed by the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act in May 2012, which for once made child sexual abuse a crime in the country of India. This law also enabled acts of rape, un-penetrative sex, and molestation to be severely punished with prosecution. Before this law, un-penetrative sex was not considered as rape and so many abusers were able to easily avoid punishment. Reports say more than 7,200 children are raped every year in India and so unfortunately, even with this law, only a few of these criminal acts are recognized as children are ashamed to speak and have to go through immense embarrassment if ever they do.  

In my opinion, I find it ridiculous that such serious subject is taken at ease and not considered. How could children be made fun of for going through such a horrific experience? 


Its so sad seeing these issues happen to kids still today. Its also very upsetting to hear that most children are raped and molested by there own family members! The number of children who have been victimized is enormous, 7,200 children! I do think that the passing of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act is a step forward for India in protecting these kids, but they shouldn't just stop there. I believe that they need to step it up and protect the children who are facing rape, un-penetrative sec, and molestation. What really upsets me is that some do hide these issues because they are afraid of scandals and medical examination. I really enjoyed reading your summary, I believe that this issue should be recognized and that they should put action into ending it.

I thought your summary was very well done, and that you brought up the main points really well! I completely agree that it is a tragedy that this is still happening today! Especially that most children are molested or raped by their own family members! We are lucky to live in a society where such things are not only forbidden by law but also that we socially reject molesters and rapists. I'm glad that steps are being taken in order to stop this unjust and terrible attitude in India,

This is really shocking and quite sad to hear. Sexual abuse in any country and at any age should be considered an issue of utmost importance, and not ignored or made fun of. I think that it’s very interesting how in India, the main goal of sexual assault claims is to keep them hidden and to not discuss what really happened. When I was growing up, parents, teachers, and other adults encouraged that if anything happened to you like that, to tell someone as soon as possible. According to this article, one of the things that differs most from the United States and India is that here, molestation and rape would not be treated in a secretive manner or just blatantly ignored. In most Western countries, children are taught from a very young age that policemen are trustworthy and should be treated with respect. That being said, I can understand why children in India would not want to talk about their sexual assault if the police disregard their claims and have the gall to laugh about the horrible predicament. Another shocking point that you brought up was that children are often assaulted by those whom they are close to. Sometimes the fact that “taboo” subjects are not talked openly talked about leads to the dismissal of certain accusations. Our own way of prosecuting sexual offenders in the United States is still flawed when it comes to rape because usually the victims do not receive the justice they seek. However, the fact that India has a new law that at least makes those acts punishable is a step in the right direction. I think you did a very nice job summarizing and bringing up important points and concepts from the article because it stirs a lot of reactions out of the reader.

I feel awful for the children in India being sexually abused today. I am shocked that this commonly occurs by family members or caregivers. I think it is disgusting that the police do not do anything about this and think that the government should take more of a stand to stop this. Even with the law they made it has not stopped the abusers. Children are so young that they cannot speak for themselves and I think since family members are the ones raping them the children are not able to speak out for help. I have never heard of this happening in India before and want to research this further to find a way to help those poor children.

It is very shocking to know that currently, this situation is happening in India and that one of the most important figure of authority that should be involved, the police, is just ignoring the whole thing. Sexual abuse is a crime done in every country and it is one of the worst. It is just an act that completely shatter a whole life, which is difficult or should I say impossible to forget about. A child that has been sexually abused will unfortunately have a hard time trying to forget about it and he will have a different view from any adult that will try for example to get closer to him even if it is in no meant to hurt. In fact the child will trust no one. Therefore, as you said, the fact that this situation is a taboo in India does not help at all. There should a lot of prevention so that everybody would be more aware of how it is happening, why and how to talk about it. It is very important that child have someone that they can trust and that they can talk about it to report such acts. Interesting article.

Child sexual abuse is an important issue across the board all across the globe, but I had no idea that it has escalated to such a negative extreme in India. It is heart-wrenching to know that THOUSANDS of children in India are being abused like this with no way of protecting themselves due to the lack of interest from police forces and that often times the abusers are their very own family members. Admitting that one has been abused or raped is already a very difficult thing to say to someone, but adding on the pressure of the police publicly humiliating an abused child is just awful. And being abused by your own family members is just as bad, if not worse because family exists as a support system with which you can rely on, and when that support system becomes abusive all of that trust and support is gone. No child should have to deal with that.

I'm happy to hear that there has been a policy set in place that explicitly prohibits rape and other sexually abusive behaviors. Actions need to be taken in order to help improve this issue because the number of these abused children is still way too large. I can't even imagine. And I understand that different cultures have different norms and rituals, but none of that should include sexual abuse of children. I can only hope that this situation improves.

I began reading this article with little background knowledge on this issue and I kept reading I became more and more shocked at what I was reading. I do not think anything that has to do with children should be taken lightly, especially when it comes to sexual abuse. The fact that this is going on is absurd and what is even crazier is that familiar people to the children are committing these acts of child abuse. I feel that these innocent children in India have been brainwashed into thinking that it is okay for them to be treated that way, therefore they do not speak up. What makes this whole issue more complicated is that India does not see it as a big deal. Such a thing in the United States would not be tolerated because young children are looked at as innocent and harmless. I thought your summary was very thorough and gave a clear and concise explanation of this issue. It brought many things to my attention that I was not aware of previously.

I like this post because I find it very interesting how things like this are still happening. This issue is all around us and people still continue to pretend it doesn’t exist. These children are supposed to trust their authority figures and family members, yet are in fear of the next time they will get abused. The children of India are being used for sex and are having their innocence taking away from them. Which is ridiculous and no child should have to experience that. Even though the Protection of Children from Sexual Abuse Offences Act was passed the sexual abuse and rape is still happening. Therefore more action should be taking towards this and not pushed under the rug. The abusers should not get away with this awful act. I agree that it’s highly demining and disrespectful that the police make fun of the children that have to go through this horrific act. These children trust the police to protect them, but yet they make fun of them. The police should be on the kid’s side and convict the abusers. The children of India don’t ask for this abuse, there should be no reason they are getting humiliated for this. The government should be doing a lot more and take more notice as to what is really going on in their country. Regardless of the abuse going on behind closed doors in the peoples home more action should be taking. It should not be dismissed because it’s part of the countries culture. This is no way to live, especially when these poor children are being treated like a joke.

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