Chemical Weapons Between International Control

by emiliebrochu on September 13, 2013 - 12:18pm

The Syrians agreed to take the chemical weapons off Russia's power, this isnt because of the threats that U.S made towards the Russians. The weapons tranfering was made between two nations under the control. These weapons were to take the U.S to pieces. Two people were managing to try and get the governements to talk in order to make peace.  The U.S secretary Mr. Kerry and Russian minister lavroy were going to destroy the chemical weapons. Mr. Kerry and Mr. lavroy made an effort to start peae between the conflict but it had stalled when these two men decided to destroy them. The president  surprise offer that Mr. Kerry that Syria could turn away the U.S military action by turning over every single bit of his chemical weapons. People came together to take action and prevent the use of chemical. Ended up solving this conflict. The people that were actually responsible for these chemical weapons were taken to the criminal court. 

In my opinion, people should not do illegal things without the country knowing what they will actually do. The country may be at war but by getting chemical weapons shared between two nations, things can get more serious then a war. People in this country might have to idea that their country is in danger, but by letting other people know what is going on in order to take action.


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