Another Mexico?

by Mich.Raposo on October 18, 2013 - 6:59pm

In the article Drug Wars Push Deeper into Central America (, written by Randal C. Archibold and Damien Cave.
Central America has become on the United States list of 20 major illicit drug transit/major illicit drug production. It is interesting because Middle America to us has become known as a beautiful place to take vacations and just relax, but now it is known as having no hope except for desperation, anguish and fear, said Gonzalo Oviedo, a man who preaches nonviolence in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Not only has Central America become major drug smugglers, but they are also major drug consumers, unfortunately. And to add to all the issues, there is a climb in murder and violence rates, in the Honduras alone there is a 66.8 per 100,000 people murdered rate, it is actually the worst in all of Central America. Civilians are now worried that the Honduras may become another Mexico, considering the murder rate alone for the Honduras is already five times higher than of Mexico’s.
This becomes a social issue because it is effecting many personal lives in Middle America, civilians are hurt and suffering seeing friends, family and peers being murdered due to a debt because of drugs, also to live in fear not knowing who and the danger that surrounds you is extremely difficult.
All these civilians addicted to drug need or want help. A commander of a coast guard base says “It’s extremely frustrating” because “there is not much we can do”. Referring to his boats, he states that the smaller ones are not fast enough, while out of the three larger boats, only one has a working engine. And according to other coast guard stations, they are only able to cover about 5% of the area during the day. Therefore, making it more than easy enough for drug smugglers to do as they please. But all the civilians want is help, more people to be able to guard and more help from the Americas to do so.

In my opinion, I am actually utterly shocked. I mean, I was not clueless about the drug use and transportation in Middle America, but I did not know that it was this bad and this dangerous. The fact that so many are addicted is a sin and the rest of the Americas should try and listen to their pleads for help. The coast guard stations are not strong enough due to the lack of guards and equipment, but I do believe that it would make a huge difference if they could expand the coast guard stations with the help of the other Americas, and also create many more rehab and help facilities.
Although, yes it would be difficult and take much time for Central America to become safer and cleaner, but it is not impossible, if more criminals are caught, then the likelihood of others continuing this illegal act will hopefully stop. 



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