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by Eric T on March 23, 2016 - 8:51am

      For this topic on healthcare, one of the topic question(s) I chose were "what if there were wasn't any healthcare at all, what effect will that have on the cost of healthcare". I found an article explaining the story of a man who became unemployed and with that lost all his benefits including health insurance. However, this man was on medication for blood treatment in order to help him with his medical condition.   The problem is that he recieves very little in income and it's difficult for him to afford a visit to the doctor because the price is expensive. Since this man wasn't able to continue his treatment it led him to have a stroke. This artlicle states that it isn't the first time something like this has happened. Which really supports the idea that health insurance is very important for everyone to have. If the price to have it is the issue, then there must be a solution in order to make it affordable that way people are safe and protected.

      Another article I found talked about health insurance and the price increase between 2011-2012. The article stated that health insurance was going to rise by 5.4%. Again, because the price is increasing and people are recieving lower income, it is very difficult for them to have health insurance. The article explains how people aren't visiting the doctor regularly for check ups because of this reason. It is very disappointing to see that people don't have the capability to take care of themselves, it isn't right and unfair for them. Everyone should be treated equally and have the same benefits.


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