Sea Anemones Discovered in Antarctica

by zlance on January 29, 2014 - 9:20pm

   In an article written by Evelyn Boychuk, Sea Anemones Found Living Beneath Antarctic Ice Shelf the author reports about a new species that have been found living under different ice shelves in Antarctica. A research team from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, after drilling through the Antarctic ice, they noticed that the ice was fuzzy. Once they removed more equipment they noticed anemones swimming around the top of the water. This became a shock to the researchers as they did not know that anemones could survive in such freezing water. Sea anemones are groups of water-dwelling animals. They are usually located in warmer climates attached to rocks or hidden under sand, but can also detach and swim around as they look for food. What is surprising is the location of the sea anemones, as they have previously never been seen in colder waters.    


   This discovery is very interesting as now other scientists are contacting these researchers saying that they have anecdotes about how they also noticed something that could have been sea anemones from their research conducted in the 1970’s. Now that this species has been found in an area where it was believed that they could not exist, perhaps researchers will look in other areas of the world for sea anemones. Also, this discovery opens up a new research area for sea anemones as up until this point their behaviors have not been researched in cold conditions. It will be interesting to see what type of new discoveries that will come to light as a result of this finding.