The Talk: Now More than the Birds and the Bees

by Cristina on October 18, 2015 - 7:49pm


The reason why I have decided to comment on this article is because of the fact that you used the "birds and bees" analogy as a way to connect it with the talk that parents give to their children about race and racism, I found it very clever and intriguing. Like discussed in one of the readings it is important to talk and inform our kids about different skin colors and racism, which is why I agree with your post. You enlightened the reader on the good initiative that the mother took and that how in the end she was benefiting them with knowledge that not everyone had the chance to learn. For example I come from a white family with two older siblings, the age difference being four and six years apart. My parents made the unfortunate mistake of not taking initiative with my sisters like the mother on this article did. Al though both my sisters never made any racist comments towards a black person when they were younger, they both asked a young girl why she was black. My mom was horrified and confused as to how my sisters could ask such a thing like that, making her realize that they didn't know any better. After the incident my mom taught me about race at the age of five, so that I would be more aware of those kind of things. In conclusion I found your title and your take on the article very insightful and also very influential to anyone who has not explained race to their younger relatives, or anyone for that matter that doesn't have a good concept of what race is.

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