Racial attacks are alive even in situations in which no one expects

by marianne on October 15, 2015 - 6:39pm

The article entitled “Shocking Video Shows Horrific Racist Tirade Unleashed On Calgary Cab Driver," written by Michelle Butterfield was posted on the Huffington Post on July 21st 2015. The author states that on a November night, in 2013, a Calgary cab driver called Qayyum, a brown skinned men, lifted a white male passenger form downtown Calgary. This men wanted to stop in a fast food restaurant on his way home, however the chit finished in thirteen minutes, so they did not have the time. The passenger then got very angry and began to racially harass Qayyum because of his skin color and origin. The author goes on by arguing that the mean passenger told the taxi driver to go back to where he originally came from; he even threatened his family and more. Qayyum had a very hard time recovering from this racial verbal attack. Butterfield concludes by saying that the RCMP is investigating on this situation and the city of Calgary mentioned that in order to enforce an appropriate conduct in a cab, it will be required to have a passenger and driver Bill of Rights. 


I think that the passenger racially discriminated the cab driver for no valable reason; it is unacceptable. According to the article entitled “Race and the Construction of Human Identity," written by Audrey Smedley, it is mentioned that, “racial” identities were established, which separated “white skinned” people from black African Americans. African Americans were recognized to have the lowest status group in the American society. This created a stereotype in the world and it was harder for their integration. Therefore, maybe the reason why the passenger racially harassed Qayyum was because he is used to the stereotype that white skinned people are better than black, or darker skinned people. This stereotype is also everywhere in the world and is very present. Thus he followed it by telling him to go back from where he came form, without reflecting on the situation. However, I think that this stereotype is false and should not be used because I think that know one should treat a human being like this; it is cruel. Moreover, I found the article very interesting since it is based on a real life experience. However, the article was a little bit too short; I found that the author could have described more the situation. Finally, I think that stereotypes between races should not exist because skin color does not determine your identity or even your intelligence. 






Butterfield, M. (2015, July 21), Shocking Video Shows Horrific Racist Tirade Unleashed On Calgary Cab Driver. Huffington Post. 


Smedley, A. (1999), Race and the Construction of Human Identity. 



HI, I decided to comment on your post really because your title captured my attention and since in my class we've been learning about how racism still exists i decided it was a good fit.
I find it shocking from your article that, that sort of blunt upfront racism still exists. We've been learning from our course that there is new racism, and suttle types of racism which are still very bad but to think people still talk and act in such a racist manner is sad. I feel very bad for the cab driver like you said, I am very sad that people still believe in these ridiculous stereotypes, it's very unfair since Canada is rich in culturally diverse backgrounds.
So, I think it's very sad that the cab driver was harassed and i agree with everything you said about stereotypes and people being treated equally. Do you think it would have been appropriate for the cab driver to respond with violence?

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