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by beasolari on September 10, 2015 - 5:38pm

Donald Trump, next President?

In the article “Donald Trump ‘s racism pushes Republicans further to the fridge” , by Hatem Bazian, in the Daily Sabah on September 3rd 2015, the author states that Donald Trump is currently leading a racist campaign. Trump is being racism on many different subjects, especially towards Mexicans.  In the article, Bazian mentions that Trump’s speeches are humiliating for people from Mexico, where a lot of immigrants in the States are from. According to the candidate’s opinion, Mexicans only bring problems to the United States. In addition, the author states that Trump’s racist campaign only brought back already existing racist and xenophobic thoughts and judgments. It only brought up another racism issue. Also, the author compares the reliving wave of racism that can be seen in the United States these days to the ones that Obama’s election created. In fact, Bazian states that Obama’s election made the Tea Party of Republicans go even more frustrated. They tried to move Obama from his status of President, because of his believes about equality of race were not the same as theirs. The author also states that Republicans are afraid that future immigrants will make the percentage of votes for the Democrat Party higher resulting in a defeat for them. Bazian concludes by saying that Trump’s campaign only makes the visible minorities, especially Latinos, vote even more for the Democrats when elections come.     

As I read the article, I felt that there was a lot to agree with. I believe the author makes good points on the Trump campaign to win the elections. In fact, there are lot strengths in this article. The one that I believes is the most obvious and that is the best used is the fact that he the author compares the reactions and the results of Trump's campaign to Obama's election back in 2008. In fact, it gives the readers a good point of comparison to see the consequences that can follow election campaigns. Racism can evolve in societies after election campaign, when some ethnic group feel attacked or called out. I believe it is important that the author clearly demonstrates the consequences that happened when Obama got elected, such as the rising of the Tea Party members, and the sale of guns. These are all good examples that demonstrate what elections can do to a country. Another strength of the article is the quotes that the author used. All the quotes, that are usually Trump’s words, are good examples do demonstrates how racist he is. In fact, even if there are only a few, the quotes give strength to the article and make it more serious. It proves that the author has clear proofs and that what he argues is true. Another strength that I found this article has is the fact that the issues between the Republicans and Democrats parties is briefly but well explained. In fact, it made the whole process of comparison much more understandable for me and it also put me in context. As for the weaknesses of the articles, I only found one. I believe the author should have shown a few responses of Mexicans-Americans or immigrants, in order to make the readers understand and see what racism do to them in the United States. Readers would have been able to read how not only immigrants but also how locals feel in that kind of environment, when racism is being perceived in their country.  In addition, I agree with the fact that there will probably be more votes in favor of the Democrats, since a lot of Latinos never want to see Trump as their President. In addition, Trump is being racist and discriminates Mexicans and Latinos in general. Just like Jared Diamond’s article proposes, there is much more than just skin color to look at. If Trump could look beyond skin color or the country of origin, Trump would realize that he is the same type of human being than the one he is discriminating. He is being racist, but if he could realize that blood type, fingerprints and many other characteristics can distinct people, he would see that skin color is not important. He would realize that being Latino does not make you a rapist or a drug dealer, just like he said. He would maybe realize that humans are all the same, with small biological differences that does not change the fact that all human beings are equal and deserve to be equally treated and respected.  The race classification that Trump uses is just an arbitrary system that is stuck in his culture. That is how Trump sees the world and it is the way he believes the United States should be taken care of. He believes in classification of its people. Trump is wrong, and this article proves it perfectly, because race does not determine behavior. Therefore, Trump cannot make generalization about immigrants. It is morally wrong, and this article proves it. Finally, I totally agree with the article, because it demonstrates that everything Trump is doing to make Americans vote for him, is only putting the Latinos against him, and they are becoming more and more a great part of the United States population. 

Reference: Bazian, HB. (September 3rd 2015). Donald Trump‘s racism pushes Republicans further to the fridge. Daily Sabah. Retrieved from


This article interests me a lot because when I first learned that Donald Trump was campaigning for presidency, I could hardly believe what I had heard. I was aware of the multiple controversies he had caused but not in thorough details, which is why I chose your article. I totally agree with you and the author in the sense that different ‘races’ or cultures should not ever be used as arguments of discrimination, especially when specific groups are pointed out like in this case. In my opinion, the dumbest part of Mr. Trump’s argument is that even if he would end up as leader of the Republicans, he would never be able to put his party in power in the United States because the groups he pointed out, which consist in an important part of the country’s population, would never vote in his favour. The fact that he points out Latinos and Mexicans clearly proves that he acknowledges them as being different than the rest of the country, and that they should be treated differently. His arguments go in the opposite direction of Jared Diamond’s ideas on race being an arbitrary system that cannot be proven scientifically in any mean. To conclude, even if the article you chose seems to be relevant and worth looking at, I would like to know if the author himself has Latino or Mexican origins because it could add a bit of bias to his work. However, you did a great job and summarizing the article and you clearly gave your opinion with proofs and explanations.

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