Are all Hispanics illegal criminals or just another stereotype?

by alysha_karma on September 10, 2015 - 7:08pm

To begin, this news article entitled ‘’ Trump stands by statements on Mexican illegal immigrants, surprised by backlash’’ posted by FoxNews on July 04th 2015, mentions how mogul Donald Trump made racist and inappropriate comments about the hispanic community during his presidential campaign speech. His chauvinist remarks consisted of generalizing that immigrants from Mexico were all illegal criminal violent rapists. Wanting to establish change, he proposed the idea of placing an efficient security system at the border in order to keep the American population safe. FoxNews states that Trump was immensely surprised about the negative feedback he received after his lecture. Not only were many individuals tremendously upset and offended by his comments, but several businesses that were partnered with Trump decided to drop him as a client. In all, FoxNews concluded by stating how Donald Trump’s speech has had an outstanding negative impact on his financial and political status due to his dreadful choice of words during his monologue.

            In all honestly, this news article reinforces my initial thoughts on Donald Trump. In other words, Donald Trump has never been someone I particularly look up to. He has had many disagreements and verbal fights with other powerful individuals such as Mark Cuban, Barbara Walters etc. This write-up about his recent shocking and racist statements written by FoxNews, definitely do not make me want to alter my outlook on Trump. Donald Trump’s point of view is that most Hispanic individuals living in the United Sates of America are illegal violent criminals that are disturbing the peace, raising the crime rates and bringing fear in the eyes of the population. In my point of view, this way of thinking is completely demented. It definitely does not mean that if someone is Hispanic that he is a dangerous being. Every single human, no matter his race, has the ability to commit murderous crimes, not only Hispanics. In my personal point of view, during my latest trip to Los Angeles, I noticed that the many Mexicans are unfortunately living in poverty. Therefore, I have witnessed how this particular group of individuals have to work harder in order to provide the necessary needs for their families. One should never assume that because some Hispanics do commit crimes that all of them should be labeled as violent criminals. It is not fair to them nor is it fair to the rest of the population. No race or ethnicity should be targeted because of some people who are not capable of following the laws established. In my point of view, we are all part of the human race. There should be no categories (racial classification) such as ‘’blacks’’, ‘’whites’’, ‘’browns’’, we are all one. For example, it is stated in Joey Diamond’s ‘’Race without Color’’, published on November 1st, 1994, that ‘’ One can’t make the sweeping generalization that ‘’ whites can’t jump,’’ or that ‘’blacks’ anatomy makes them better basketball players.’’ Only certain African peoples are notably tall and long-limbed; even those exceptional peoples are tall and long-limbed only on the average and vary individually’’. This statement proves that one shall never generalize about a particular race because it definitely does not apply to all. Someones race or skin colour should not change the perception you have of them. Donald Trump, being such an influential and powerful person in today’s society should definitely adapt a more humble and open minded way of thinking. In other words, having the social position he has and many individuals being tremendously gullible, some might begin to believe what he is saying and adapt his ideology about Hispanics. This is to say that this in fact, in my personal point of view, may cause colossal problems in the near future such as hate crimes against Hispanics. Moreover, today, many hate crimes are unfortunately happening. Thus, if the most powerful individuals in society are publicly preaching these type of racist negative ideas, I can only imagine the negative impact it can have on the individuals who look up to them. Moreover, in my point of view, this article written by FoxNews illustrates the facts about Trump’s speech very clearly and how it impacted him and the society. For example, how numerous businesses such as NBC, Univision and NASCAR dropped him as partner. Composed of mainly facts, there are not any points I disagree with. Nevertheless, this article written by anonymous should have incorporated an opinion about Donald Trump’s comments. Either if the writer agreed or thought Trump should not have said those racist remarks. In all, I think the speech made by Donald Trump was inappropriate and definitely reinforced stereotypes and could create more racist minds in today’s society.


I really found the title of the post interesting because this made me think of all the generalization there is in-between races. It is funny to see how someone can mark them as a stereotype when they are not actually doing anything worse than anyone in the country at the moment. Just because hispanics are from somewhere else, people assume they will raise crime levels.

I agree with this post a lot because i do not think it is the best idea for a political leader to bash down on people even if they are not from his own native country. As a politician, the point is to get everyones votes so you may lead and take decisions for the better of the whole society. I am not even surprised to see that some of his fellow business partners dropped him as a client because this is a pure sense of racism at its finest. By building walls, he is almost classifying them as animals that are trying to leave their cage. Obviously we know that Mexico is very common for drug related activities but in their country that is what pays the most and immigration is what may save them if they get a job in the U.S. Nobody should be classified by race as seen in the course but this seems to be a problem even at a political and public scale.

In conclusion, I believe that this is as bad as it gets but i understand the point of view that Donald Trump sees it is like Quebec trying to preserve french language but it is done in a more quiet way, the way Trump tried to pass the message made it look even worse than he was actually trying to say. I believe he lost all immigrant or other nationalities votes and even the American voters with this speech.

You are absolutely right about the fact that illegal immigrants deserve a good life. Also, I like when you write about the fact that they are not criminals, because often people forget about that. The parallel you made about African Americans is excellent because they are and were judged just because of their race/nationality, just as Latin Americans. Trump is in fact misjudging the migrants, especially Mexican migrants, and not wanting to give them opportunities like schooling and healthcare, and wanting to deport them, is basically saying that he wants to take their lives, or make it miserable. Also, it may seem interesting to you that in Europe, illegal immigrants have very bad conditions regarding health, and what is less heard of, is that in Montreal illegal aliens, have no right to free education. Lastly, as someone who is writing from Montreal, I would say that migrants being judged just because of their skin color and legal status doesn’t just happen in the U.S. However, here I believe that people, especially the younger generations, have learned to accept people in need, understanding that we could be in the same situation. You can look at my post by clicking here ( to see more about the situation of illegal immigrants over the world.