Another Racist Scandal by Paula Deen

by Sabrina1997 on September 10, 2015 - 10:13pm

On the 8th of July 2015, Katie Roger’s article called “Paula Deen faces backlash over ‘I love Lucy’ posting”, published in the New York Times discusses the second scandal Paula Deen faces in her career that is about racism. This time the controversy was caused by a picture that was posted on her social media accounts where Bobby Deen, her son had skin darkening makeup on his face. However, the picture was from her Halloween special that aired in 2011 where she and her son were dressed as characters from “I love Lucy”, a television sitcom. The author of the article explains that Paula Deen was disguised as the character known as Lucille Ball and her son took on the role of Lucille’s husband, Ricky Ricardo who’s actor was Cuban. The picture was posted by accident on the behalf of the social media manager who was immediately fired. The image was then removed but many had already seen it by the time Mrs. Deen apologized for the huge mistake.


Personally, I believe that Paula Deen should not be blamed for many reasons. Firstly, she is not the one who posted the picture therefore it was not her intent to offend anybody. Secondly, the picture was taken on Halloween. Literally, everyone dresses up as iconic people or characters. It is only normal that they wanted Bobby Deen to look the part therefore they decided to darken his skin with makeup. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look the part. Some say that they should have also colored his hands if they were going to go through with it but let’s be honest; they’re on a cooking show. I don’t know of many people who would want makeup on the food that they would later consume. Thirdly, the only reason why Paula and Bobby Deen are being picked on is because they are famous and constantly under the watchful eyes of the human population. If someone in our every day lives was to wear foundation that was way to dark for their skin tone I doubt anyone will be calling them out or even be paying attention at all. Like Jared Diamond and Darren Curnoe mention in their articles, race is just a made up concept. We are all humans in the end so why are people judging because of a simple skin tone? We are all humans in the end.



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These types of articles are very interesting to me. This is because it is true that just because someone is famous they will stand out with anything they do. Anyone will find some way to push a certain edgy topic onto them, just for the sake of trying to expose them or put them down. Just as the Taylor Swift example we explored in class. Therefore I agree that she should not be scolded for this photo, as should the social media manager. Kids and even adults dress up as different ethnicities all the time for Halloween (natives, Mexicans, etc.) and even though it is a recently controversial topic, this is no different. This man is dressing up for Halloween on a television show. It would not be the first time that an actor has played a character that was of a different skin colour or ethnicity. For example, Jordi Molla played a Carlos Lehder in the movie blow who was Colombian, when he was not Colombian himself. This was just overlooked because of the environment it was exposed in.

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