Punished for Suffering from Racism

by PedgeRuest on October 9, 2015 - 11:46am

News Summary 

The article entitled “Hulk Accuses Russian Fans of Racism” published by The New York Times on September 27th 2015 by The Associated Press speaks about the how racism is constantly an issue that is being ignored, even in major soccer leagues. As reported by The Associated Press, racial abuse from both fans and referee’s occurs almost every time games take place in Russia and that these discriminatory situations do not even show up on the match’s official reports. Furthermore, as quoted in the article, Hulk explains how this discrimination happens often; especially coming from the spectators and that he believes that there is no point in doing anything about it. However that is not all, Emmanuel Frimpong a player from Arsenal, was also racially discriminated by fans while playing in Russia, to only be banned from two games after being accused of offensive behaviour towards these fans. Therefore as demonstrated by this article, Russia still seems to be in denial over the racial discrimination occurring in their country even after all these incidents.


To begin, “Hulk Accuses Russian Fans of Racism” is an effective article passing the message of racism being present everywhere in society. However, I also believe that this article is weak for the reason that it does not stress enough the fact that racism is still a present for the spectators to be affected by this issue. To be clearer, The Associated Press discusses about racial discrimination suffered by players while playing in Russia because of both spectators and referee’s. Also, it explains how Hulk, a victim of this issue, believes that there is no use to speaking about it or trying to resolve this issue. However, why does he believe this? Is it because he is not much affected by the event or because he believes that even if he does try to do something about it, nothing would be done? Thus, this statement is ambiguous because it lacks reasoning. Although, I would also like to address why Hulk is wrong for thinking that there is no use in speaking about racial discrimination. As stated in “Children are not colorblind: how young children learn race” by Erin N. Winkler, it is important to be explained racial differences and why discrimination is wrong, especially for young children. Winkler explains how children learn about race and how they draw certain personal conclusions based on how they view society, mostly of which leads to white being seen as the privileged. Therefore it is important for society to pinpoint these issues and speak about them critically in order for children to learn that these attitudes are unacceptable and diminish possible future consequences due to this issue. In conclusion, the article does not give enough information to impact the readers and to educate them about how it is crucial to speak openly and critically about racial discrimination. 



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I decided to respond to this post because I was surprised to learn that there was racism in sports too, even if I know that racism is present everywhere is society. I just never thought of this totalky unfair issue in sports. I strongly agree with PedgeRuest about the fact that it is not useless to talk about racism in order to make it stop. She points out a good point by saying that the article should try to impact more on the readers, because in the summary, she only refers to some examples but we do not have examples of any action made in order to solve this problem. Moreover, as we read in Winkler's article about children, we can make a difference if we talk about it, even at a young age, children can have racist behaviors. I am also wondering why Hulk, one of the victims, thinks that there is no use to talk about this issue; maybe that he gave up, thinking that this issue would always persist. Perhaps that there is some missing information in the summary, but I cannot figure out why Hulk does not want to talk about this important issue. However, I agree with PedgeRuest that he is wrong and that nobody should be discriminated; Hulk and other sportsmen should use their voice in order to denounce it and to make things change. Furthermore, it is a first step to make an article about this issue by giving examples of what is the reality in Russia. I am curious to see examples of other countries than Russia about this issue; it would make the article more complete. Finally, soccer players are model for children. They should take benefit of their popularity and show to their fans that they do not accept racism. Because by doing nothing, Hulk seems to accept it, but this acceptance is not a good message for children. By seeing his idol talking about racism and refusing to accept it as a normal thing, a child could do the same and refuse to accept racism. Sometimes people are not aware of their influence; a small change can lead to a big one.