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by SPuiesht on October 17, 2015 - 4:28pm

            In “Michael Jordan says he was racist ‘against all white people’ as a young man”, published on May 7, 2014 on NewYork Daily News, Bill Price states that Michael Jordan, an American former professional basketball player, that he remembers being racist against all white people when he was a teenager. Also, according to www.news.com.au, back in 1977 when Michael Jordan was a student, he recalls a girl calling him by the n-word. Jordan rebelled and threw a soda at her. From this moment he really considered himself racist. However when Michael Jordan talked about this incident to her mother, she taught him that racism is not a good thing. The author also states that Jordan said that racism still exists in our society, even in sports and should not be accepted.

            Racism is still highly present in today's society, such as in education, in work, in sport and so on, but Bill Price's article is more about the reasons that pushed a person to become racist and what helped him to overcome it. I believe that Michael Jordan was racist because he experienced it at young age when a girl from his school called him "nigger". He is also right about the fact that racism is highly present in our society and that we should not tolerate it. His mother is a good example of how to help avoid racism, she helped him to understand that racism in not a good thing. She also taught Michael Jordan that he should overcome his emotion about the incident and not let this make him a racist.




I am responding to this post because Michael Jordan is probably the best basketball player ever too play the game and I am in shock that he admitted to being racist. But I do not blame him, when he was playing that’s when racism was at its peak. I agree that its their surroundings and where they grew up that pushes them to be racist, when everyday the white people call you names and push you to the side, or you do not get a job because of your skin color its normal that they will start hating the white population. This just goes on to prove further the point about the models that, they do not get a chance like the white. If they are not “white” they do not make it in the industry. They need to be “perfect” and have the same body type as a white model. Michael Jordan’s mother did the right thing by explaining to him that racism is a bad thing and too act uneducated and as unintelligent as those racist people, just brings you down to their level. It might not always be the easy thing to do, but ignoring and looking the other way might be a good start. They want the black population to react so that they can blame them and point the finger at them for acting in such ways, but the real problem starts with the “white mentality”. We will never completely remove racism and racist thoughts because it has been around for too long that it is always in the back of our mind, but maybe if we start removing these thoughts one person at a time starting today, maybe the future generations can live in a peaceful and equal society.

I responded to this article because I love sports and always interested of learning the racist aspects inside sports. I am surprised of the information given on Michael Jordan's life and the racist side of him. Not because he was an awesome basketball player but also he is known around thee world because of his brand. He is a Multi-millionaire because of the Jordan brand, he is public figure to all sport and clothing fans. People buy because of his basketball fame and because of his marketing name. He is also proactive inside schools and sport teams, where he tells his life story of how he persevered to get where he is now. This man has accomplished so much and is probably one of the most known athletes out there. The fact that he confirmed being racist when he was a teenager doesn't show the right example to all his fans out there. Especially with todays media they always try to make the story more dramatical than it really is, so they wont explain why he was racist but just say that he was racist. It is very understandable why he was racist but he also generalized that all white people are racist, yes at that time their were a lot of racist white people but their was people white people who had their heart at the right place and would accept Blacks.
These days there still is a lot of racism but people might not show it as much but still find ways to be racist. Racism is a part of life everywhere, blacks in our society have less advantages, they are looked at by the authorities differently. Michael might not of approached the situation he was thrown in the right way, he maybe should of thought about what happened to him and not generalize. But looking at it from his eyes it is very understandable that he got mad and was pushed to the limit, I am pretty sure he had previous events where racism was a part of and made this last event more drastic, he hit his limit point. Personally I am totally against any kind of racism, yes sometimes people slip and say something that might be racist without wanting to hurt anybody, we all need to be careful of what we say and do. Michael Jordan shares this story and it is very relevant to all where it can educate us to maybe not accept what happens to you but also not generalize what happened. We all have different views on "Race" and shouldn't be thrown into the same pot.

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